Chicago Bears Mock Draft: 7-Round Scenario

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63  

Open up a sports website or social media sites and you will find several NFL mock drafts to choose from. There are some that have pretty much the same players on their board, while others go for the less than big name prospects.

But how would the Chicago Bears 7-Round scenario look if all the favorites at the number eight spot pan out? Here is a brief summary of what that could look like.

 Scenario 1, with first-round pick advice from big time sports analysts:

  • Round 1:8 –     Denzel Ward        CB    Ohio State
  • Round 2:7 –     Will Hernandez    OT    UTEP
  • Round 4:5 –     Deon Cain        WR    Clemson
  • Round 4:15 –  Rashaan Evans    LB    Alabama
  • Round 5:8 –    Mike White    QB    Western Kentucky (backup for Mitchell Trubisky)
  • Round 6:7 –    Justin Lawler    Edge    SMU


Scenario 2, with first round pick advice by various fans and smaller bloggers:


Scenario 3, with first round pick advice by just fans: 

  • Round 1:8 –     Calvin Ridley        WR         Alabama
  • Round 2:7 –     Mike McGlinchey    OT         Notre Dame
  • Round 4:5 –     Duke Dawson        CB    Florida
  • Round 4:15 –   Christian Sam        LB    Arizona State
  • Round 5:8 –    Scott Quessenberry    G    UCLA
  • Round 6:7 –     Kyle Lauletta        QB    Richmond


The possibilities are endless but it all depends on general manager Ryan Pace and the coaches to fill the gaps and build a winning team. The Bears can use a big body up front on the offensive line with McGlinchey at 6’-8”, and a studly 312 pounds. But don’t be surprised if the Bears trade up for a third-round pick.

 With a need at wide receiver, they can grab one off of free agency like Jarvis Landry or Allen Robinson. There are lots of playmakers in the draft that could help Trubisky downfield. The Bears also need help at corner and maybe they will pay out some money and nab Malcolm Butler from the New England Patriots and bring back some attitude in the Bears backfield.

Either way, the Bears are prime for a good draft and some free agency pickin’s and they create a recipe to win. Let’s hope for the best!


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