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Yes, I know. Preseason doesn’t matter because it doesn’t count and doesn’t show the true potential of the players because either they’re not playing or because they aren’t giving the game 100% so that they won’t risk injury.


However, with the release of the preseason schedule, it means that we are just that much closer to the 2018 NFL season!




Even after winning the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles still have a lot to prove and will have to answer a lot of questions. One: Will quarterback  Carson Wentz return to his old self? (spoiler alert: YES!) Two:  Will backup-but-Superbowl-starting quarterback Nick Foles remain the starter while Wentz is out or will he continue to be the second-string quarterback? Three:  With big names such as tight end Brent Celek, defensive end Vinny Curry, tight end Trey Burton and running back LeGarrette Blount all on other teams this year, will this affect the dynamic of the team?

Ultimately, it begins with management, and as long as head coach Doug Pederson continues to earn the respect of the players, I think Eagles will come back stronger and smarter than last year.

In August, the Eagles will face off against their rival Pennsylvania team, Pittsburgh Steelers. This will be a good first game to play especially for the newbies. They’ll have to go against a big and tough quarterback in  Ben Roethlisberger and an even tougher defense. It’ll build character for the rookies, which will prepare them for the next game when they visit the New England Patriots and feel the rapture of their fans and probably hear some kind words after losing the Super Bowl.

Of course, this is the game that will be televised because the National Football League drives on intense games, it has nothing to do with the drama at all. Whatever happens after this game won’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things because by the third game, none of the starters will play but they will travel to Ohio and play a young team in the Cleveland Browns and then come back home to play against the New York Jets to finish off the four weeks of the preseason.

I say it doesn’t matter, but I really mean for the first string. These games, I think, are really important for the rookies and for those players who the coaches are on the fence about. Those are the players that need to show their worth and put in work before the coaches make their final cut and the regular season starts.

This time of the year is really fun but it’s also a reminder that football season is still four months away. But, as they say, there is no offseason in football!

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