Three Reasons Matt Nagy Can Take Bears All the Way

Official Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Chicago Bears fans are passionate about their team, but when former head coach John Fox lead them to several losing seasons, enough was enough. A campaign starting with the hashtag #FireFox spread through Twitter, including protests for his firing.

The Bears wasted no time after the last loss to the Minnesota Vikings to release him.  It was then that the hunt began for the new head coach and Matt Nagy was one of the first names mentioned.

Nagy, 39, has spent the last 10 seasons coaching in the NFL, all under head coach Andy Reid, who was with the Philadelphia Eagles and now the Kansas City Chiefs. But out of all the candidates interviewed, including Josh McDaniels, Pat Shurmur, John DeFilippo, George Edwards and even their own defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, Nagy had the golden ticket and here is why:

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