The Saints Are Survivors

Official New Orleans Saints Reporter


By Christy Chauvin //@WhoDatWarriors


Looking back at the Saints since the pinnacle of their 2009 Super Bowl success, you would have to say this team is full of survivors who know how to change and become better.  A list of what they have survived:

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New Orleans Saints Select Alex Anzalone

Official New Orleans Saints Reporter

By Christy Chauvin // @WhoDatWarriors

The New Orleans Saints made a surprise selection in the third round of the NFL draft when they selected linebacker Alex Anzalone.

This was a highly anticipated pick by Saints watchers who expected the Saints to select a pass rusher ranked as a round two or three selection in a very deep defensive draft.  Instead they choose a linebacker buoying up the belief the team believes in its free agent pass rusher, Alex Okafor. What did they see in Anzalone to make this selection?

The oft-injured Anzalone is believed to possess first rate football skills.  In the Saints opinion, he is the only linebacker in the draft who excelled at all three linebacking positions as well as in pass protection.  Has good lateral movement and can burst into an alley.

Mike Detillier described his style of tackling as “Attacks ballcarriers like they stole something from him as a kid.”  He is a smart player who is rarely caught out of position.  Locker room leader who other players listened to.

Our Lads states “Shows man-to-man skill with the ability to mirror cuts and stay in phase with a back or tight end up the field.”  Thinking about a 6 foot, 3 inches, 241 linebacker lining up against running backs and tights ends in the NFC South does my heart good. Physically gifted but has arms and needs to improve his technique against quality blocking.

Alex Anzalone

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