Is John Fox Really to Blame for Bears 25-0 Loss to the Browns?

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

It is no secret how some people feel about preseason games. Some would prefer that they disappear all together. Others believe they should be shortened to just two games to assess the players on the field.

Either way, the Chicago Bears came to play at Soldier Field Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns – sort of.  The Bears have been pretty successful in defeating the Browns during preseason, almost treating it as a gimmie.  But not last night.

The loss turned football fans and sports writers into fiery dragons. But was head coach John Fox really to blame for the loss and rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky‘s garbage time sack? Or did the offensive line fall asleep at the wheel? Well, let’s check all the evidence to be sure.

Those in the football world know that the last preseason game of the year is basically to weed out the not-ready-for-NFL-Primetime-players. The premise is to keep the ones that stand out, came to play and give the backup and third string quarterbacks an opportunity for more reps.

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