New, Young Head Coaches Smart to Add Veteran Coordinators

Dayna O’Gorman
Senior Sports Reporter

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

With the success that the NFL’s youngest head coach, LA Rams HC Sean McVey, it was no surprise NFL owners wanted to try to find the same needle in a haystack. This offseason brought a fury of hirings of young head coaches. Smartly, those coaches are looking to veteran coordinators to fill out their coaching staff.

While teams like Tampa Bay decided to go with a veteran head coach in Bruce Arians, most other coach-needy teams decided to go young. Arizona, Green Bay, Miami, and Cincinnati have all hired coaches between the ages of 35 – 39.

Not that age has anything to do with coaching, but it does have to do with experience. Bringing in veteran coordinators and specialist not only is savvy, but it allows the HCs to be educated by some of the best.

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Denver Broncos blow late 4th quarter lead

Leora Ruzin, Denver Broncos Reporter

By Leora Ruzin // @LeoraKitty78

Kansas City Chiefs 27 – Denver Broncos 23

It’s officially time to start panicking, Broncos Country. The 2018 season is eerily feeling like a repeat of the 2017 season, and we all know how that ended.

The Denver Broncos fell to division rival Kansas City Chiefs after holding a sizable lead for the majority of the game, and are 2-2 on the season. Experts expected the Broncos to lose in a blow-out, which might have been easier for fans to accept.

Instead, the Broncos kept the pace with the Chiefs during the first three quarters, only to fall apart in the last quarter.

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Denver Broncos defeat Seattle Seahawks after a balanced attack on offense and defense

Official Reporter, Denver Broncos

By Leora Ruzin // @LeoraKitty78

Denver Broncos- 27, Seattle Seahawks- 24


The Denver Broncos are coming off one of the most disappointing seasons since the McDaniels era (5-11, 4th place in the AFC West).  This, after coming off a slightly-less disappointing season in 2016 (9-7, 3rd place in the AFC West).

Once quarterback Peyton Manning retired, and offensive coordinator Wade Phillips left to go to the Los Angeles Rams, the team fell into disarray. When Head Coach Gary Kubiak retired the end of the 2016 season, the proverbial last nail on the coffin was hammered down. It’s crazy to think that this is the team that won Super Bowl 50, and yet, here we are.

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Denver vs Oakland review.

Official Denver Broncos Reporter

A win is a win, even when it feels like a loss

By Julie Dixon// @ABroncoNole

After watching the Chiefs and Redskins duel, I decided against what I wanted to write because we’re in a bye now and some changes are needed.  Needed quickly. The above match-up felt like what we should’ve seen in Denver. Two bitter rivals ripping each other to shreds, with the quarterbacks leading the charge.

Instead, we saw a lackluster game that was barren of heat or passion. No fights. Only a couple really hard hits (one by safety Jamal Carter). Knock on wood, but our total injuries were a couple sprains. No broken noses, bloody jerseys or pants. This was no WWE Smack Down or Cage Match.  It mostly felt like a pillow fight.

I take that back. The Broncos did break quarterback Derek Carr. He joins a growing list of top QBs we have sidelined. Some have yet to completely bounce back. That intensity needs to hit every position group. Not to knock players out, but to be as focused as Von Miller and Derek Wolfe–heat seeking QB misslies.

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Combine Report – Denver Broncos

Official Denver Broncos Reporter

By Julie Dixon @ABroncoNole

Denver Broncos general manager and head coach gave interviews. Concerning what Denver personnel said, it was almost exactly what Vance Joseph and John Elway have been saying for a month. Little was shared that hasn’t been heard before.

Elway wants to address all needs through Free Agency and draft depth, and the future. This obviously won’t be the case for all needs due to price. Or a class deep in some positions. A position like running back will not be an every down back picked up in FA.

He verbalized his displeasure with the Offensive Line. Also suggested that at the right price, he’d be interested in bringing LT Russell Okung back. Based on the weak class and price of tackles, this is something I’d love to see. Adding some continuity to the OL is a good thing.

He mentioned letting Sylvester Williams test the market, but said he was an asset. He indicated an interest in bringing DeMarcus Ware back.

As far as the quarterback situation, he gave PR answers that depending on where you stand, was good, bad, status quo or a bunch of hooha. My vote is PR hooha. I didn’t take much away.
Depending on who he spoke with it went from looking at any veteran available and who would help them win, to wanting to stick with who they have. He mentioned that they have to weigh the downside of what a vet QB would do to the growth of his young guys and to the team down the road. He also said that he thinks Paxton Lynch is ‘that guy’. He also said that if he wasn’t ready to go, he didn’t want him to go.

Which of course begs the question: how do you know if he’s ready without spending all the offseason working with the ones? If he brings in Tony Romo, that takes away the reps with the ones. If he waits to determine he needs Romo, it’ll be too late. A catch-22.

This leaves Trevor Siemian the odd man out if Romo is brought in. Why? Because no matter what some may tell themselves, being a first draft pick matters. Elway isn’t going to want Lynch as the third string guy. Making Siemian it, isn’t best for him, either. This sets up a trade. He also said he was happy with his two young guys. So, while Elway talks in circles, it won’t be until next week for a real answer.

Vance Joseph gave the same lock step answers.

Last evening teams interviewed players. Today, we know Denver spoke with RBs, FSU Dalvin Cook, Samje Perine, Toledo Kareem Hunt, Stanford Christian McCaffrey, D’Onta Foreman, Tennessee Alvin Kamara, and Wyoming Brian Hill.

They also spoke with OT Ramzcyk, OG, Dan Feeney. Tonight they will meet Alabama OT Cam Robinson, USC Zack Banner and Utah Garrett Bolles. Plus, Guard Isaac Isiata.

Each team is allowed to interview up to 60 players in 15 minute segments.

Some notes on the bench press: the most was Perine at 30 reps (225 pounds) and least was McCaffrey at 10. Since Denver fans don’t care what Christian does in anything at the combine, this very low number won’t hurt him as it would others.

One thing for readers to keep an eye on for OTs is arm length, not wingspan. An OT needs 34″ or more. Anything shorter starts becoming an issue.

*Note* Cam Robinson will not be bench pressing due to shoulder issue.

Want more info? NFL Combine by position

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