100 days until football: How do we pass the time?

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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Today it is officially 100 days until the NFL kicks off its 2018 season. 100 days until our favorite sport returns to fill our Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays with gridiron goodness. What will the average sports fan do to pass the time? I have a few ideas for you.

If you are into repetitive sporting events, the NBA Finals are right up your alley! You may have heard, but the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are going to the NBA finals. Again. For the fourth year in a row.

But it is a great opportunity for basketball fans to continue the never ending “Jordan vs Lebron” argument, and for Seattle fans to celebrate Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City. The NBA Finals are the true beginning of summer, so enjoy!

If you like a few more fists thrown in your sporting events, the NHL finals are also on for your viewing pleasure. I’m always surprised that hockey is still being played in May. Its a winter sport, right? But this years finals prove you don’t need to live in a snowy part of the country to have a great hockey team.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are up against the Washington Capitals. Yes, you read that right. Las Vegas, the NHL most recent expansion teams (as in this is their first season), is in the finals and already up one game. You have to admit, that’s pretty cool. As in cold. Because they play on ice. You get where I’m going with this. Anyway, here’s how to watch.

Ok, so now I want all you soccer haters to just hush up and listen for a minute. This summer is the 2018 FIFA World Cup. And no matter how badly American football fans want to pretend the NFL is the biggest sport in the world, it’s not. Soccer (or futbol to much of the world) is unquestionably king, and the World Cup is it’s biggest competition.

Held only once every four years, the World Cup will be in Russia this year, and if you want to watch the most popular athletes in the world, no matter what Colin Cowherd says, you have to watch this amazing tournament. You know how we always say the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday should be a holiday? Well, entire countries shut down during these matches just so everyone can watch. It’s amazing to see.

Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Suarez, Ramos, Aguero. If you don’t know the names, get to know them. They are the true superstars of the world. And sadly no, the U.S. Men’s National Team didn’t make the cut this time, but the U.S. Women’s team has been kicking ass and taking names for years, considered the best in the world, and their World Cup is next summer.

Soccer: Try it. You’ll like it.

No, I’m not going to forget America’s Pastime. Baseball is of course the standard of summer sporting events. Hot dogs, popcorn, the 7th inning stretch. There is so much to love about baseball.

Finally, lets talk about the greatest of all time. No I’m not going to start talking basketball again. I’m talking Serena Williams. The goddess herself returns to the Gland Slam circut after her maternity leave. Will she be as unstoppable as in the past? No one knows, but it will be fun to watch. Oh and men’s tennis is pretty awesome too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many sports available this summer for football fans to enjoy. If you are an “NFL only” kind of person, may I suggest stretching your sports bubble to include some of these other fantastic sporting events. You’ll love it!

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