2018 NFL Draft: QBs to provide big impact for 5 teams

Kate Arhar
Cleveland Browns Reporter


By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8

Round One of the 2018 NFL Draft saw five Quarterbacks get taken: Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson. These men should have a huge impact on their new teams and could really shake-up their divisions.

The first four all went in the top 10 but it took a while for Jackson to find a home. In what may have been the most joyful moment of the evening for a lot of his fans, the Ravens traded back into the first round to get him at 32. Two went to the AFC North and two went to the AFC East. Both those divisions are going to see the quality of competition rise significantly in the next couple years.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go back to the beginning…

Pick #1: Cleveland Browns select Baker Mayfield.  While fans – and some media members – kept comparing him to Johnny Manziel, Mayfield’s work ethic, high football IQ, personal charisma and his on-the-field play sent him to the top of General Manager John Dorsey‘s draft board. After the Browns traded with Buffalo to acquire Tyrod Taylor, they promptly emptied out the QB room by letting go of DeShone Kizer, Cody Kessler, and Kevin Hogan.  Taylor has been announced as the starter but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if “Barker” Mayfield gives him a run for his money to get that job.

Pick #3: New York Jets select Sam Darnold. When Mike Greenburg – the biggest Jets fan I know – likes the pick, it’s gotta be good. I think this was the fastest pick made because they were sooooo ecstatic that he didn’t get taken by CLE. In a division featuring Tom Brady, the lack of great QB play has haunted the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills. This pick should absolutely move the Jets up to 2nd place – at least until Brady retires.

Pick #7: Buffalo Bills select Josh Allen. Speaking of the AFC East, Buffalo is a team who traded away their QB and clearly isn’t happy with their other options. Fans were clamoring that QB was a huge position of need and Brandon Beane did not disappoint. In a trade that cost them two second-round picks (53 and 56), the got a great young talent with a rocket arm who is used to playing in winter conditions. I hear Wyoming in the fall isn’t that different from Buffalo! Plus, this kid likes wings!

Pic #10: Arizona Cardinals select Josh Rosen. I believe no one was more surprised than Steve Keim when Rosen was still available at this point. Or it might have been Jon Gruden, but he snapped up the offer to trade pick 15 for 10 and got the Raiders an extra 3rd and 5th round pick in the process. But the Cardinals have Sam Bradford, you say? Well, I believe his middle name was legally changed to “If Healthy” so perhaps with Glennon and Rosen in the QB room, Cardinal fans will breathe easier!  Maybe Rosen was a little salty at dropping down to 10, but he’ll just use that to fuel his fire to excel.

Pick #32: Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson. In the most complicated trade of the night, Ravens get 32 and 132 (4th round) and Eagles get 52 (2nd round), 125 (4th round) and a 2019 2nd rounder. Jackson had his share of believers though. While some teams tried to talk him into moving off the QB position, he stayed his ground and was rewarded with a trip to the Ravens QB room. Joe Flacco isn’t getting any younger and we all know he’s slid a bit since his amazing Super Bowl season. Robert Griffin III was added this off-season but he’s also had his issues.

OC Marty Mornhinweg has experience working with QBs similar to Jackson (Michael Vick) and really loves this kid. Most fans are thrilled with the pick. I think Jackson will be great when he’s finally able to take the team away from Flacco but did he have to go to the AFC North?

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