2018 Senior Bowl – Day 3 practice – South

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By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole

As I mentioned in the North piece, the two teams practice differently, with the Texans leaning heavier on Special Teams play. This is a good thing because of the 100 guys here, maybe 40 go top three rounds, the rest will need an extra reason to be drafted over the younger guys who left school early because their talents was seen as better.

This mean for guys on the fringe, special teams is their bread and butter, a way in. Even if it’s only the practice squad, it’s a way to get into the NFL and be noticed by coaches.


The practice drill below; however, was a new one and I asked one OL what he thought. He said he didn’t like going first and looking bad (he laughed), but that it was a good learning tool. This is the second or third group.

For me, two guys really stood out, D.J. Clark and Christian LaCouture, both from LSU. Clark made several great catches and also returned. While the South QBs improved since Tuesday, they’re still not on the same level as the North QBs, so the guys catching for them, have a tougher job.

LaCouture made a sweet swim move that caught my eye, which in a game situation may have gotten a sack. On the next play, they double-teamed him and had to do that a few times. He and Andrew Brown stood out. Different styles, but both showed a high motor.

Brown, an American Studies major, is a huge Julius Peppers fan, who played LT for a bit before getting bored and moving to the defensive line. He’d like to play in a 4-3, but teams often use different combos and he thinks his versatility would fit in any of the combos we see teams use more. His previous offense experience gives him the ability to read an opposing offense.

Need to add one little carrot: during a workout session, while Brown was waiting his turn, he was the only guy who stretched. The rest of the players were just standing around.

A couple guys who stood out for their hustle was Auburn’s Tre’ Williams, Quin Blanding and Darius Leonard. And of course, Shaquem Griffin who jokes with me every time we see one another because our Governor declared UCF the National Champions. He said they’re designing some big rings so it’s going to be a while before they arrive.

Just like the previous two days, he made some moves thats would’ve resulted in a sack. This kid has speed and quickness to blow up any play. He’s told me he will and can play anywhere they line him up, but thinking more a 4-3 fits him better.

South Dakota State TE Dallas Goedert made a great play in the end zone. RB Rashad Penny showed good hands.

FSU S Nate Andrews was invited today and drove over from Georgia, got there just in time. He mostly played special teams because he hasn’t played a snap in three weeks. He has been working out, so he wasn’t out of shape, just didn’t have two previous days of practice with the NFL coaches. Click link to see interview with Andrews: Nate Andrews Interview

Tomorrow, the teams go through walk throughs and will then swap sides so each player gets to spend some time being coached by the other team, giving all players a chance to meet with the staffs.


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