2019 NFL Draft; when football and fashion collide

Sonja Greenfield, NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Football and fashion typically don’t collide.  Except when you’re quarterback Cam Newton, then that is a weekly occurrence.

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Full disclosure:  I am in no way fashion forward.  If we’re being honest, you could call me fashion backward and I’m perfectly fine with that. But today, I’m going to put on my fashion critic hat, and go over some of the best and worst dressed at last week’s NFL Draft. To simplify the mission, I took a look at Yahoo’s photos of the draft attendees.

Best Dressed of the 2019 NFL Draft Awards

  1. LSU’s Devin White.  Very classic suit.  Plus the pink tie sets it off nicely! Top to bottom, he looked very nice.
  2.  Alabama’s Jonah Williams  Again, very classic look.  Clean cut and polished.  Seriously, you guys. You can never go wrong with the classics!
  3. Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray  A different spin on the classics, but I loved the all pink, and his tennis shoes.  The suit was a number 1 pick with some fun all over it.
  4. Florida State’s Brain Burns.  This suit just has it ALL.  It looks great, not a blue, black or grey suit, but it still looks amazing.  Yes please.
  5. Honorable Mention goes to Houston’s Ed Oliver.  The headphones threw it off a little bit, but still. Chef’s kiss for that look!

“I Rarely Dress Up, So I Put On The First Suit I Found” Awards

  1. Florida’s Jawaan Taylor.  It’s a classic suit, which, yay!  But something about it just says that someone picked it out for him and said, “Put this on and come with me.  I’ll explain later.”
  2. Iowa’s TJ Hockenson.  Points for him because his suit is Iowa colors.  I have a feeling though, that this is his “Go To” suit.  Gotta go on a job interview? I’ve got a suit for that.  Going to his football banquet?  Lets roll with Ol’ Faithful.  That’s the type of vibe I get from it.
  3. Missouri’s Drew Lock.  Seriously…he just looks like he’s about to go to his brother’s wedding or something.  It’s another classic suit, but the first thing I thought was that he was going to a wedding.
  4. Honorable Mention to Alabama’s Quinnen Willams. All grey errything, huh?  But it matches, it’s pretty tame, so you can’t go wrong…but still.
  5. One more Honorable Mention: Duke’s Daniel Jones.  He’s another one that looks like his suit is reliable.  Good for banquets, interviews, and impressing parents on first dates.

The “We’re Going to the NFL, So We’re Stepping Up Our Suit Game” Awards

  1. Kentucky’s Josh Allen.  He looks too cool for school with his ‘fit.  Just like some of the players do.
  2. Oklahoma’s Cody Ford.  Looks like he tried to do something a little different with the bright red sports coat. But the wrinkled shirt underneath says he tried too hard.
  3. Oklahoma’s Marquise Brown.  I think cousin AB had some influence on his suit.  I dig it though!
  4. LSU’s Greedy Williams.  Red suit, gold bow tie.  Definitely a step up from the college level suit.
  5. Honorable Mention:  Georgia’s DeAndre Baker.  The sports coat is different but not too different.  The Dolce and Gabbana shoes give the look that added NFL Dimension.

Worst Dressed of the 2019 NFL Draft Awards

  1. Ohio State’s Nick Bosa.  I’m a Michigan Fan.  That should speak for itself.  That Buckeye stuff on the inside of his sports coat?  Totally ruined it.
  2. Michigan’s Devin Bush.  I’m a Michigan Fan, but I’ll still call out my dude!  Dev…what were you thinking?  But I’ll be honest, he had people talking, that’s for sure.  Half straight jacket, half regular suit.  It was a look…that’s for sure.  Still rooting for you in Pittsburgh though!

So there you have it.  My Best, Worst and more for the 2019 NFL Draft.

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