2019 NFL Draft: wide receiver preview

Lisa Johnson
Senior Sports Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

With Pro Days starting to get wrapped up and teams starting to assemble their boards, the one position I personally find a challenge to lock in at that top spot is the wide receiver.

Clearly this year it’s D.K. Metcalf from Ole Miss who stands 6′ 3″ and weights in at 228 pounds.

Metcalf put on quite a display at this year’s NFL combine, running a blazing  4.33 in the 40 and followed that up by showing off his size and better then expected route running in several NFL drills.

Per Espn draft expert Todd McShay. “The short shuttle and three-cone were not good numbers,” McShay said. “I thought he ran routes well during the workout. But he has some tightness. It’s not a secret. He’s got to continue to develop as a short and intermediate route runner in order to get the most out of his potential. He’ll probably get with a team and they’ll say we have to start working on more of the flexibility.”

Mecalf is the son of former Chicago Bears guard Terrence Metcalf. He’s reportedly the cousin of former Cleveland Browns star Eric Metcalf although that is debatable. This young man already has strong work ethics and knows what it take to get to the next level.

Draft prediction: 1st round- Green Bay Packers.

While many mocks have Metcalf number one, there is always a number two, who in turn many will argue should be number one. That player is Oklahoma’s Marquise Brown, the 5’10” 170 pound cousin of Antonio Brown.

Brown was not able to participate in the combine due to injury.  He had surgery for a Lisfranc fracture to his foot.  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brown’s boot has been removed and he has been cleared to resume running.

Doesn’t take much to figure out why Brown is being talked about in the first round. He was the most electrifying wide receiver in college football last year.

According to ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper, Brown would have been the clear number one if not for the injury.  “In terms of Marquise or ‘Hollywood Brown,’ he was down to 166 pounds when he had the surgery; he would have been a first and now he’s borderline.”

“You don’t know how it’s going to shake out. He played like a first-round pick when he was healthy. I liked Marquise Brown all year. When he’s at 100 percent and there’s no injury, he’s one of the best 20-25 players in this draft. You add the factor of the injury into it and that pushes him down just a little bit.”

Draft Prediction: 2nd round- Baltimore Ravens..


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