2019 Reese’s Senior Bowl

Lisa Johnson,
Miami Dolphins Reporter

By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

The Reese’s Senior Bowl has become the premier event to watch college football players, and I was lucky enough to attend this year. As I sit here and reflect on this past weekend, a few names stand out to me.

Those that know me, or who listen to our podcast regularly, know which group I went to first: the quarterbacks, of course. I didn’t get a chance to attend practices due to prior events so I had to play catch-up.

I found my source and started firing away.

I first asked which quarterbacks did teams seem to talk about the most. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the two most talked about among social media: West Virginia’s Will Grier or Missouri’s Drew Lock. I have to say, however, Drew Lock does have that typical pro-style passer physique.  At 6’4″,  225 lbs, he stands tall in the pocket. 

One name that was being kept under wraps for some teams was Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. It was said he impressed a number of coaches. However, most NFL scouts still believe this isn’t going to be a good draft for quarterbacks.  Yet, I still have a little voice in my head that reminds me of the skinny quarterback out of Michigan, Tom Brady 6’4″ 195 lbs, 6th round, 199th overall pick. One of the biggest diamond-in-the-rough finds ever.

Despite this being a “weak” quarterback class, you never know.

The rules have changed so much that I think all the quarterbacks coming out have a shot. But the one who I kept my eye on the most was Buffalo’s, Tyree Jackson.  He’s 6’7″ and 245 lbs.

I loved watching this kid (Jackson) play. He’s energetic, he’s a gamer, and best of all, he has fun out there.  He also will pull that ball down and take off running. 

Because of that, there were many others aside of me saying he wouldn’t last long. Still, I found him fun and exciting to watch.

I also had the pleasure to talk to James Madison’s first-ever player to be invited to the Senior Bowl, defensive back Jimmy Moreland (5’11″, 175 lbs). He really loves this game too. I asked Moreland what this experience meant to him, and he praised his family and coaches for the support they have shown him.

He (Moreland) also knows he has to make the most out of every opportunity that comes his way.

Another player that I had a chance to speak with was Stetson tight end, Donald Parham (6’8″ 240 lbs). Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to play due to an injury, but Parham is super humble and expects to take it to the next level.  Certainly one name to be on the lookout for.

One player I found very amusing was Louisiana Tech’s defensive lineman Jaylon Ferguson.  I jokingly laughed and told him he’d look very nice in teal and orange, only to find out 5 minutes later that NFL analyst Bucky Brooks had him going to the Dolphins at 13.  I was told by quite a few people that the Oakland Raiders are very interested, but it’s the NFL Draft, anything can happen. 

Another name to watch: keep your eyes on wide receiver Andy Isabella out of the University of Massachusetts.  I was told by several NFL analysts that Isabella is better than one VERY popular slot receiver, Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow.  Many have Isabella going in the second round and after watching him in the game on Saturday, I was impressed. 

Executive Director of the Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy, did a wonderful job making this year’s Senior Bowl a remembered event for players and fans alike.



I can’t wait to see where these players land.

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