Yes, its too early but…2019 Season Playoff Predictions

Marquita Quinones
NFL reporter

By Marquita Quinones //@LatinLove729

Yes, it’s only May and yes experts are already weighing in on the 2019 NFL Season, so I thought I’d join in. As a NY Giants fan, I will admit I’m a little apprehensive about some of the moves they have made this offseason, but I want to keep my feelings positive. Although, certain actions made in this offseason has not been a beacon of success to me, but what do I know.

Let’s take a look at a few of my WAY too early predictions for this upcoming year.

AFC EastRightly so, most believe that it will be the New England Patriots winning the division again. Honestly, I can understand why Patriots are still considered the favorite in the AFC East. As long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are teamed up together, the Patriots will continue to perform. Other teams in the division are either taking their roster apart or in the process of rebuilding it. Some predict that the Patriots may face a little more competition, but when it comes down to it, they will once again be in the playoffs.

AFC WestIt looks like the Los Angeles Chargers will be expected to have another promising season in the AFC West. It is no denying that the Chargers have the most talent in the conference; which was the same situation they were in last season. The issue that they seem to face is being able to show up when it counts. If they can keep key players healthy this upcoming season they will have no problems taking the AFC West…well except maybe those pesky Chiefs and their rising star quarterback. 

AFC NorthWith all the draft and trade activities that have gone on it looks like the Cleveland Browns will could be taking the AFC North. I know there are concerns with all the different personalities and the Browns being able to keep all the players “happy”, but Freddie Kitchens has to know that this team is going to be a force to reckon with. However, we can’t forget about the Ravens who also seem to be on their way up.

AFC South – Indianapolis Colts seem to be the quiet favorite in this division. The Jacksonville Jaguars have not lived up to their potential, yet with a new QB that may change. The Houston Texans and their trouble keeping players healthy, and the Tennessee Titans in a rebuilding stage make it more likely that the Colts will be able to pass on through in the AFC South.

NFC EastPhiladelphia Eagles are hands down the favorite in this division. Eagles are considered to be a solid team with depth in their roster, superior talent in the front office and in their coaching staff. Right now there isn’t another team in that division that solid right now. 

NFC West – Seattle Seahawks or the Los Angeles Rams? The Seahawks or the Rams? This is a tough one, but I’m putting Seattle at the top of the NFC West. It seems this upcoming season Russell Wilson will be stacked with talent due to the draft haul the Seahawks went through. The Rams are a force to be dealt with, and there is lots of talent in San Francisco, but I’m putting my money on Seattle. 

NFC North – Minnesota Vikings expected to come out strong in the NFC North. Although the Vikings might not be able to get past some of the major teams within the league, they are expected to win their division. Green Bay Packers’ unstable power structure and the Chicago Bears expected to regress gives the Vikings much needed support. 

NFC South – New Orleans Saints looking to take the South. Not that they didn’t come close last year but this upcoming season might be it for Saints QB Drew Brees. The Saints will be looking for revenge after such a close loss last year. Expect the Saints to come out strong and finish even stronger. They’ll be ready for revenge.

Well, that is a quick look at my 2019 playoff predictions, and while we never know this early who the standout really will be, it’s always fun to speculate. 

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