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By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303 

Jordan Reid (@JReidNFL)

Hours to days following the 2019 NFL draft, analysts from all over the country begin to dissect each team and try to gauge which teams hit home runs or which teams whiffed.   In this post AFC East draft article, I asked Jordan Reid, an NFL Draft Staff writer for @Cover_1_, and also host of The Draft Board Podcast for some insight.

LJ:  Every year the Bills, Dolphins, Jets all try and close the gap to catch the New England Patriots. In this years draft, which team do you think took the most strides in achieving this?

JR:  I think without question it was the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins are still in the early stages of a full-on rebuild and the Jets [are] a little bit further along in that category, but the Bills have added a tremendous amount of pieces around [quarterback] Josh Allen and to their defense. The Patriots will still sit atop the throne for the foreseeable future, but the Bills positioned themselves to become a contender whenever the dynasty in New England enters its final stages.

LJ:  With the Bills and Jets seemly believing they have their franchise QB, did the Dolphins make the right move in the trade for [QB] Josh Rosen?

JR:  They did because of the low risk aspect of the move. Only having to surrender a second-round pick for a player in Rosen that was a top-10 selection only a year ago, that’s a huge win for the Dolphins. It’s been proven time and time again that having a quarterback on a rookie deal is the ultimate weapon in roster building in the NFL.

LJ:  Following the draft, was it a surprise to you that the Patriots did not address their tight end needs?

JR:  That did catch me a bit by surprise and they have huge shoes to fill following the retirement of [TE] Rob Gronkowski. They may still sign or trade for a veteran down the road though.

LJ:  The Jets were trying to trade out of the third spot but decided to stay put. Do you think they should have traded back to acquire more picks? Especially since they didn’t seem to address their need to protect [QB] Sam Darnold? Going 4 defensive players to 2 offensive players?

JR:  They nailed it with Quinnen Williams. A prospect that I thought was the best player in the entire draft. Anytime you can get arguably the top player in the draft with the third-overall selection, you have to take that and run with it.

LJ:   Final question..Which AFC East team In your opinion, had the best draft all around?

JR:  The Buffalo Bills hit it out of the park, in my opinion. Ed Oliver falling to the ninth-overall selection was a huge steal and then following that up with Cody Ford in the second-round was a great start to their draft. The Bills continued to add players to their roster that fit the identity that general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott are trying to instill there.

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