The AFC West was a rollercoaster ride in week 3


Dayna O’Gorman
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AFC and NFC West

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

It was an up and down day for the AFC West. All four teams had very tough opponents, a lot on the line, and it showed in the games.

The Kansas City Chiefs were the only undefeated team in the AFC West, the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders had split the first two games, and the Denver Broncos were still looking for their first win of the 2019 season.

What would week 3 bring for the AFC West? Well, it was a rollercoaster for sure. One with expected losses, expected wins, and two games that were fantastic down to the last minute!

Denver Broncos        16
Green Bay Packers   27

The Broncos needed to get a win. While they hadn’t looked great in their first two games of the year, the game against the Packers started out looking like it would be competitive, with the first half ending 10-17. Unfortunately, the game got away from Denver in the 2nd half.

It wasn’t all bad, however. Running back Phillip Lindsay was the standout player all game for Denver, having 21 carries for 81 yards and 2 touchdowns, proving he will be key to the Broncos future. Quarterback Joe Flacco was able to put together a few nice looking drives, going 20 of 29 with 213 yards, and 1 interception. However, he was under pressure constantly, being sacked 6 times.

This wasn’t a banner game for either team, but if Denver had been able to control the turnovers they may have managed to find a win.

Baltimore Ravens    28
Kansas City Chiefs  33

This game was all anyone in the media could talk about all week long. Two young QBs going head to head in what should have been the game of the week. Both Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson took control of their teams and were spectacular to watch.

For the Chiefs, veteran RB LeSean McCoy had a great day before leaving the game with an injury. He carried the ball 8 times for 54 yards and a touchdown. RB Darrel Williams averaged 6.9 yards a carry with a total of 62 yards.

But, like we knew it would be, this game was all about Patrick Mahomes. 27 of 37, 374 yards, 3 touchdowns… it’s insane. The Ravens made a great push to come back in the last minutes of the game, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Ravens safety Earl Thomas said in a post-game conference that he thinks these teams will see each other again in the postseason, and I completely agree with him, and it will be very fun to watch.

Oakland Raiders      14
Minnesota Vikings   34

The Raiders headed into Minnesota to face a Vikings team that had A LOT to prove. Especially a certain QB that had a lot to prove in order to keep his job. There was no question that Oakland was fighting an uphill battle.

Raiders QB Derek Carr really struggled at the beginning of the game but managed to eek out some decent stats. He went 27 of 34, for 242 yards and 2 touchdowns. However, the Raiders offense did pull off a fantastic flea flicker.

The Raiders have to figure things out quickly. Their defense has taken a hit due to injury, the offense lost the one guy they were betting the season on – although I’m pretty sure they’re glad they dodged that bullet – and Gruden seems to be unsure of where to go. Wide receiver Darren Waller put up some good numbers, 13 receptions for 134 yards, but in this division, good won’t cut it.

Houston Texans           27
Los Angeles Chargers  20

This was probably the wildest game of the day. The Chargers came within moments of tying the game. The offense was great, the defense was great. It was a GREAT game!

QB Phillip Rivers had a DAY, 31 of 46, 318 yards, and 2 touchdowns, but he wasn’t alone. WR Keenan Allen was on fire! 13 receptions, 183 yards, and 2 touchdowns, a career day. They are stats that should have equaled a win, but they didn’t. The Texans had similarly good stats on offense. Both teams moved the ball well and looked sharp. In the end, it was the Texans defense that managed to stop the last-minute drive of the Chargers which would have tied up the game.

This puts the Chargers 1-2 on the season. That doesn’t really reflect what most people feel this team can do this year. It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

The AFC West is being dominated, at the moment, by the Kansas City Chiefs. While we are early in the season, it would seem that if the other 3 teams don’t start winning, they won’t be able to catch up.

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