And the CHAMPION of the Football Movies Tournament is….

Kate Arhar
Senior Sports Editor NFC West / NFC South

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8

We hope you are all staying healthy and finding your way through this strange time we are living in.

The lack of sports has really opened my eyes to exactly how much of my time was devoted to following these entertaining athletic events. But it’s also given me a greater sense of humor when trying to find things to occupy all this free time.

Hence “The Sweet Sixteen of Football Movies” that we hosted last week.  Thank you to everyone who voted. If you didn’t vote then you don’t get to complain about the results! Yeah, that’s how I roll!

Anyway, without further ado, congratulations to…


Remember The Titans was the clear winner in our tournament. The classic football flick from 2000, featuring actor Denzel Washington, is an amazing tribute to a difficult time in American history and how sports can bring together people no matter where they are from. Remember The Titans strikes a cord within everyone who watches it and is very deserving of this title.

The Waterboy had a good run, but, IMO, the better movie won, at least in this final round. I’m not gonna lie – I was hoping 1974’s “The Longest Yard” would have made it to the finals but, alas, it didn’t.

Hopefully, we accomplished two things with this past week of polls…

  1. Have a little fun during our sports-less existence
  2.  Give people a list of movies that they may not have seen but should absolutely add to their home viewing lists!

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Recap: Here’s the final bracket!  How did you do?




















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