Are the Dolphins closer to finding their starting QB?

Lisa Johnson
Senior NFL Reporter

By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

With game 3 of the 2019 preseason already in the books, are the Miami Dolphins fans any closer to knowing which quarterback starts game 1 of the regular season? The answer seems to be no.

According to Coach Brian Flores, both QBs played well against the Jaguars, with Ryan Fitzpatrick getting the start. Fitzpatrick didn’t seem to have an awful night, but he didn’t have a spectacular night either. He finished just after the start of the 3rd quarter.

Enter Josh Rosen, who lead the Dolphins on a 99-yard scoring drive. Play of the drive, Rosen under pressure, rolled away from the pressure and found WR Isaiah Ford for 39 yards down the field. Topped off by two scrambles of  11 and 14-yards to keep the drive alive.

Here are some stats on both quarterbacks, if you’re a stat’s person. Fitzpatrick went 18 for 12-126 yards with 1 TD., and a quarterback rating of 105.3. Rosen went for 7 for 5-59 yards, with a quarterback rating of 96.7. Neither QB turned the ball over.

Following the game Flores had this to say about his quarterbacks, “I thought offensively – (Jacksonville is) a good defense. It was a tough start. The first half – running the ball, moving the ball – I think we had three or four three-and-outs. It was a tough start. It’s a good defense. I think our defense and special teams kind of kept us in the game early. We got us a couple of field goals and went into halftime 7-6. I thought they fought and played well. We had a drive to start the second half. Ryan went out, and Josh came in and had a couple of good drives himself.”

When asked about the quarterback battle and where it stands, Flores replied, “It’s still an evaluation. I think we saw a lot from both guys today. Fitzy did a good job, Josh did a good job. I think that as a staff, we’ll get together and really talk it over, and we’ll make a decision. We’ll make the decision we feel is best for this organization, for this team.”

So honestly, if we are all reading this right, it looks like Coach Flores is still deciding. Which to me, if you have a quarterback that has 14 yrs experience, you would think he would be miles ahead. It doesn’t seem the case here. Rosen is getting better every game. So it’s a catch 22 here for Flores. You have a guy in Fitzpatrick, who you know can win you some games, then you have Rosen, who just needs the experience. Either way, you can make a case for both.

I’ll end on this. Coach Flores has said multiple times, the player who gives this team a chance to win will be the starter. We may all just have to wait to see who that is.

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