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By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Many things have changed since I last wrote about the NFC North. Namely, the Detroit Lions are now in the market for a new GM and head coach.  The Chicago Bears have come crashing back down to Earth, the Minnesota Vikings seem to remember who they are, and the Green Bay Packers… remain the Green Bay Packers.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I like to be a little creative when it comes to my articles.  It’s fun that way. So, for this article, I asked one fan from each team in the division to describe their season so far in three words.  A little bit challenging, but it can also be fun!

Let’s start with the Detroit Lions.  I asked Lala (@Lioness_Lala) what her 3 words for the Lions would be.  She gave me 3 pretty good ones  “Emotionally Abusive Relationship” (**Disclaimer:  This is not meant to belittle anyone who has experienced an emotionally abusive relationship.**)  The Lions do have that ability to draw you in, and feel like things are going to get better when in actuality, they don’t.

She gives this perfect example, “I just called them that on Sunday, said he’d be calling me again around Wednesday, I start thinking he’s not that bad, then we set a date for Sunday, I’m super excited, it starts out pretty good, and then he does it again to me and we go on another break.”  The life of a Lions fan, I tell you.  And then, of course, they fire head coach Matt Patricia and instantly get the win to draw you back in.  (See, look!  I can change, I’ll be better, I promise)  Well… we’ll see if they keep that promise!

Next, we’ll talk about the Chicago Bears.  I asked MamaBear (@Mybears2) for three words.  She gave me the best 3 words you could ask from any MamaBear!  She really gave me 2 sets of 3 words, but I think I’m going to go with “Monsters Keep Fighting.”

It’s bleak for Bears fans right now, I get it.  They’ve lost six in a row, their QB situation is not looking good, and their coaching staff is really coaching for their jobs right now.  It’s not looking great for the Monsters of the Midway.  But, there are a few more winnable games in their future,  especially if they look the way they did during most of the game this past Sunday.  Winning isn’t always guaranteed, but if they live up to Mama Bear’s 3 words, it could be a very likely situation.

Moving further north to the Minnesota Vikings, I asked our good friend, John (@JohnnyBSkol), what 3 words he would use to describe the Vikings so far this season.  He chose Inconsistent, Inexperienced, and Injured.  And that had been the case, but now they’re sitting pretty at 6-6 and find themselves in 2nd place in the division after a rocky start.

And yes, even though it took overtime to beat the Jaguars, the Vikings are rebounding.  Lots of thanks for that push goes to Vikings rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson who has really made an impact in the past 3-4 games has over 1,000 yards receiving.  The first Viking do that since WR Randy Moss.  Now yes, this team is inexperienced as John says, but it looks like they’re getting the experience to help understand and see the game a bit better.

And finally, I asked my newer friend and Packer fan Mar (@AngeliniMarlene) what her 3 words would be to describe the Packers season. Victorious, Satisfying, and Aaron (times two!)  Honestly, would you expect anything less?  I mean, the Packers are always considered favorites to win the division, and with quarterback Aaron Rodgers playing at an MVP level, you can’t help but use those words.

And it’s not just Rodgers who is contributing.  Wide receiver Devante Adams had a big game, the defense is playing tough.  The Packers are pretty much firing on all cylinders as a team.  Next week they have a chance to do it again as they take on the Lions in Detroit.  But anything can happen.  And Green Bay vs Detroit has become very interesting the past few seasons.


What 3 words would you use to describe your NFC North team??

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