Atlanta Falcons: 5 Quick Questions

Kate Arhar
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By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8 

Any team that goes up against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl immediately gains a ton of fans. The Atlanta Falcons are one such team. After leading for most of Super Bowl LI back in 2017, the Falcons lost in gut-wrenching fashion – at least most of us were wrenched.

But last season they seemed to suffer from some sort of Super Bowl Hangover. Will 2018 be the season they bounce back?

I recently met a huge Falcons fan on twitter, so I asked Angela Spencer // @AngieSpencer28 five questions and got her thoughts regarding the upcoming season…

Question: Let’s start with Fantasy Football! Aside from the obvious choices of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman, are there any other players that will be targeted in early rounds of fantasy drafts?

Angie: There are several that I think will be top players: RB Tevin Coleman will have an outstanding year. He’s playing for a big payday. WR Calvin Ridley will be a great option for the deep threat. DE Vic Beasley Jr. will stand out on the defensive side and I can see him getting at least 10 sacks.

Speaking of Ridley, preseason game 1 aside, how has he looked so far in training camp?

He’s looking good. With his speed, he’s going to be a deep ball threat.


As a Browns fan, Quarterback Controversy is a way of life. The Falcons have Matt Ryan starting and Matt Schaub on the bench. Any issues between these two? Any competition going on or is this absolutely Ryan’s show?

No controversy at all. Matt Ryan is the clear QB1. Period.


Preseason game 1 vs the New York Jets was pretty bad from an offensive perspective. Do the Falcons have a depth issue? Frankly, the two’s and three’s really struggled…

All I can say is I hope our One’s stay healthy because our two’s and three’s need a lot more time in training!


Last one: What do you think is the Falcons biggest weakness? Either one position where they really need to improve, or maybe a whole unit that’s been struggling?

They should work like a well-oiled machine, which also makes for our biggest weakness.  We seem to choke when we get healthy leads. If we can work together on a high level through the whole game, both offense and defense, we will be a force to be reckoned with.


There you have it: Five Quick Questions on the Atlanta Falcons! If you’d like to answer five questions about your favorite team, let me know. Your interview could be up next!


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