Bears can win with Trubisky under center

Wanda Wiedman Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

As a parent, we do whatever it takes to help our children succeed.

One of those things is knowing what tools to use to help them get there.

Each child is different and so are their learning styles. It’s the same with quarterbacks.

Each one has a different learning style and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is no different. Yet it seems like everyone has an opinion about what Trubisky can or cannot do.

Prior to the Chicago Bears drafting him, ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd was high on Trubisky tweeting this in August of 2017:

But when he didn’t explode on the scene as Cowherd expected, there was no mercy or grace a year later:

Then there are the ridiculous comparisons to Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, who was in the same draft class and is taking the NFL by storm.

People tend to forget that when Trubisky was drafted, they brought in veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez to “mentor” him. But that never happened. Whereas with Mahomes, he had QB Alex Smith to learn, watch and compete with. Former Coach John Fox failed to help the young Bears quarterback succeed.  Because of that, Trubisky has already been compared to former Bears QB Cade McNown.

Sorry, but that is a stretch since McNown had no passion for playing the game of football or for the Bears for that matter.

Passion is something Trubisky does not lack. He loves the game and his team. He is hard on himself and is making every effort to be better. He is diligent in studying tape and practices long hours in order to lead his team to victory. He has improved on different elements of his techniques. Trubisky can make big plays if his offensive line can keep him clean. He doesn’t want every game to be based on dink and dunk plays. Trubisky is determined to sail one down the field for a touchdown.

But how can Trubisky win under center?

First, he needs to draw out the designed plays his offensive-minded coach has made to fit his style. Coach Matt Nagy is all in with his quarterback and is determined to make him successful. His focus is to get Trubisky to see the field through his eyes so that plays will come alive and his targets visible.

Second, Trubisky has an offense that believes in him. They are willing to improve every week just so that hey can keep him clean in the pocket. Once Nagy incorporates more of running back Jordan Howard, the pressure for throwing the ball will be part of a balanced offense. Trubisky has a plethora of targets to choose from. It just needs to be a “don’t let them see you’re coming” mentality.

Lastly, the defense is determined to give Trubisky every chance of success, by getting him on the field sooner than later. The Bears defense has become fierce and competitive with the addition of Khalil Mack. When the defense can get quick three and outs, it gives Trubisky more reps. Exactly what he needs to get better.

This Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, Trubisky will have that opportunity. If he can read the defense correctly and trust his offensive line he can chuck the rock for some big plays.

Now does Trubisky need to step up his game? Yes, but for the sole reason of winning games and not proving people wrong. He knows what he needs to do and it falls on him to command the offense. Trubisky has to trust his receivers, trust the play calling and put points on the board.

The Chicago Bears can win with Trubisky under center. He just needs to leave it all on the field, and have the full support of the entire Bears team, staff and fans. It’s just a matter of time.


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