Bears defeat Seahawks but have glaring questions

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Seahawks 17 -24 Chicago

The Chicago Bears pulled off a win at home in Soldier Field against the Seattle Seahawks and it felt good!

It has been long overdue, the Bears won a game at home in regular season. So you could imagine my surprise when some fans expressed disapproval instead of praise.

The Seattle Seahawks entered this game with a depleted defensive core. The absence of K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner was definitely felt on both sides of the ball. But it was the Chicago Bears defense that sealed the win for the team.

However, there are a few glaring questions that need some answers.

Why didn’t the Bears run the ball as expected?

The Bears had a total of 86 rushing yards, 35 of those yards came from lead running back Jordan Howard. Coach Matt Nagy was definitely trying out different looks and plays. He knows what Howard can do, but at the same time does not want a vanilla offense that is the typical run, run, pass, run.

He is trying to carefully and methodically get quarterback Mitchell Trubisky comfortable in the pocket and confident at the line of scrimmage by controlling his throws.

Nagy is utilizing Howards ability to catch, which was highly questioned last season. So far, the young running back has proven his naysayers wrong as he has caught every ball thrown at him.

Why isn’t Trubisky throwing enough downfield?

In the past two games, Trubisky has missed several long shots down the field. The long throw meant for wide receiver Allen Robinson was just a little short, allowing Seahawks cornerback Shaquim Griffin to intercept it.

If Trubisky had settled his feet the ball would have been in reach of Robinson’s hands and Bears fans would have been praising him. Instead, Nagy protected the game and Trubisky by calling plays that had a lot of short passes in order to move the chains and control the time of possession.

It’s pretty unfair to compare Trubisky to Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is a natural thrower and had the opportunity to sit behind Alex Smith for a year. Trubisky will get there when Nagy thinks he is ready. If fans can be a little patient, you will see the growth on display as the season progresses.

Why did Khalil Mack not praise his own defense?

Don’t panic, it’s not a mutiny. Mack is the best of the best and expects more of himself and his teammates. With that being said, in his eyes, the defense should have shut out the Seahawks. QB Russell Wilson was running for his life as expected.

Each time, the Bears defense had the opportunity to hold him in the pocket, but didn’t. The pass rush is there but just needs some polishing. It was great seeing Aaron Lynch making some plays after being absent from training camp and the entire preseason.

One particular glaring issue is cornerback Kyle Fuller. Last week he failed to catch a perfect interception pass right in the basket. Against Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett in the end zone, he blew another interception by not turning his head to catch the ball.

Unfortunately, that lead to a touchdown and put the Seahawks back in the game. But thank goodness, CB Prince Amukamara saw the opportunity to intercept Wilson and take it in for a touchdown. That put the Bears in the lead for good.

Unfortunately,  broken coverage in the end zone allowed Wilson to throw a TD pass to tight end Will Dissly, squeezing the lead to just seven. But the defense held their ground and walked away with a win.

There is a lot of football left and a lot of time to clean up some obvious issues, but the Chicago Bears is a growing team and headed in the right direction. Eventually, Trubisky will settle in and the defense will dominate.

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