Bears Preview Week 3: can Chicago silence the noise in Washington

Wanda Wiedman,
NFL Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

With 53 seconds left on the clock, Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky moves in the pocket and fires a bullet to an open wide receiver Allen Robinson, who immediately falls to the ground. Both Trubisky and Coach Matt Nagy are hitting the timeout switch leaving one second on the clock.

The young kicker Eddy Pineiro was on the sidelines waiting for that chance to be the hero, to show this Bears team that he was worthy to be trusted and that he had their back.

From 53-yards the KICK IS GOOOOOOD!

The entire Bears team, coaches and fans jumped for joy as they Bears win, on the road in the toughest stadium to play in. (Cue applause meter.)

But it was more than just a win on the road. It was a curse that needed to be broken quickly, a bad dream that needed to go away and the stench of a loss that haunted them through the offseason. The kick that would forever haunt them is now a distant memory and the team as a whole can breathe again. However, can the Bears silence the noise on the road in Washington?

The Washington Redskins are currently 0-2 and the Bears have a chance to stack the wins by focusing on a team who are not terrible but are struggling to close the deal. The Bears will need to again play all three phases and give each other a chance to breathe in between quarters. It starts at the top.


Nagy was heavy on the pass play calls in Week 1 and that proved to be ugly against the Green Bay Packers. Then he went heavy on the rush, which looked promising but predictable against the Denver Broncos. Now that Nagy has seen the two, it’s time for him to call a balanced game, giving Trubisky plays that accentuates his strengths in the passing and run game.

As for the offensive line, they need to keep the pocket clean and Trubisky upright. They need to give him time to move through his progressions and check-downs for that open receiver. It also helps if they can open up enough space for running backs David Montgomery, Mike Davis, and Tarik Cohen to run through open lanes and book it to the house. All of this has to be clean from the offensive line in order to avoid holding penalties that negate fantastic runs and touchdowns.

Finally, Trubisky has to fix his accuracy when he throws downfield. He needs to get the ball out quicker and move the chains. Most of all, he needs to scan the field the moment the ball is in his hands and thread it with conviction. This doesn’t fall all on Trubisky as all the receivers, running backs and tight ends need to get separation and pound for those extra yards.


The defense is doing their job by putting pressure on opposing QBs and stopping the run. Both linebackers Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan are in the top 20 for tackles, while LB Leonard Floyd is in the top 10 for sacks. LB Khalil Mack has been held and double-teamed so many times that the refs don’t notice anymore and fail to call any offensive holding penalties. This is keeping his numbers down.

However, the Bears defense needs to improve on takeaways. It would help if cornerback Kyle Fuller would stop playing 10 feet away from the receiver, as that might give him a better chance at deflecting a pass or intercepting one.

As for special teams, punter Pat O’Donnell has been nailing his kicks to perfection and Eddy Pineiro is just plain clutch. The rest of special teams needs to stick their tackles and not let ANY runs get past the 20!

The Bears need to win in Washington to get a momentum going by stacking the wins while putting a stop to the daily and constant Trubisky beratement by fans.


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