Best Offense Versus best… Defense?

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By Roxaan Herrera // @rxnlzbth

Eagles 51 – Broncos 23

Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos was a bittersweet victory.   Wait…that’s a lie. It was a pretty SWEET VICTORY!   I really tried to not enjoy it as much as I did, but I couldn’t help myself. I watched every single minute of it.  Let’s be honest, though, it was over by halftime.

The Denver Broncos are my boyfriend’s team and he’s fully aware that the Broncos aren’t playing to their full potential.   All week leading up to this rivalry game, all I heard from him was “Eagles haven’t seen a real defense” (okay, guy),“Carson Wentz will finally see a real defense” (eye roll), and my favorite “Your running backs aren’t going to get more than four yards on my defense” (eye roll plus smirk). 

BUT…. running back Jay Ajayi ran for 77 yards alone in his debut for the Eagles.   By the end of the game, Philadelphia racked up 419 yards on the league’s  top-ranked defense. They head to their bye week with a seven-game win streak under their belt, and have the best record in the NFL.

It wasn’t even that they won or how they won, it was the adjustments.  With the personnel that they have on the field, you have to give the Eagles credit for the adjustments they made.  When supposed “key players” are missing, the team steps up and fills the void.  Honestly, there really isn’t one “key player” on this team (not including the quarterback, of course).

Tight end Zach Ertz was listed as inactive not long before the game started.  Sure enough, questions arose about who Wentz would throw to.    With Ertz stealing much of the spotlight, you almost forget about veteran tight end Brent Celek He usually stays behind the scenes.  However, with the 39 yards he earned he reminded us why he is still in Philadelphia. 

On the other side of the ball, Eagles’ defense showed no mercy towards Broncos’ quarterback Brock Osweiler, they picked him off twice and held Denver to only one touchdown.  

This wasn’t an easy article to write, if only because this game was a bit personal.   But as I was jotting down notes for this article, the one thought that came to mind was how immensely proud I am of this team.   At the end of the day, the stats aren’t very important.  What is important, is the amount amount of heart, dedication and hard work these players have put in this season.

There is still a lot of football to be played and the remainder of the schedule is pretty competitive.   The Eagles are on the road for four of the last seven games.   But this team has shown it’s resiliency and grit and they are not giving up anytime soon.

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