Bills Emerge From the Snow Drifts Back in a Wild Card Spot

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By Mary Pesarchick //@HeyMom418

Bills 13 – Colts 7 (OT)


So, you may have heard, we had a little snow for the Bills/Colts game last Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with the white stuff, what you saw on TV is what is called a lake-effect snowstorm. It occurs when a cold air mass picks up moisture by passing over a large body of warm water, like a lake. Since Buffalo is situated between two (lucky us!) Great Lakes, Erie and Ontario, these storms occur frequently until the lakes freeze over.

Photo Credit: James P. McCoy, Buffalo News

These kinds of storms are intense, somewhat unpredictable, and usually, affect a very narrow area. If you traveled a half-hour to the north or east of New Era Field on Sunday, you’d find only a dusting of snow on the ground.

Meanwhile, at the stadium, it was snowing at a rate of two inches per hour, which gave everyone on the field and in the seats an experience of which legends are made.

Photo galleries were full of pictures of fans and players alike reveling in the blizzard-like conditions. In a show of machismo, 15 of the Bills’ 22 starters didn’t wear long sleeves under their uniforms. They were outdone, predictably, by at least five alcohol-inspired fans who went without shirts altogether.

Many players who grew up in the South, such as cornerback Tre’Davious White from Louisiana, had never played in the snow before. White’s jubilant snow dance, captured on video, certainly showed that he was having a marvelous time. Snow angels were the order of the day for several other players.

Of course, the quality of the actual game itself suffered greatly from the conditions under which it was played.  Opportunities to score were significantly hampered by the snow.  There were just two touchdowns put on the board in regulation.  Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin scored his first touchdown in a Bills’ uniform, catching an eight-yard pass from quarterback Nathan Peterman in the second quarter.

The Colts eventually answered with a touchdown of their own with 1:16 left in the fourth quarter to tie the game.  Happily, the Bills were able to pull out a 13-7 victory in OT, thanks to running back LeSean McCoy who plowed ahead for a brilliant 21-yard run to the end zone. Fittingly, this set off a glorious, celebratory snowball fight between the fans and the players.

Now, by coming out with the victory, combined with the Baltimore Ravens’ loss to Pittsburgh, the Bills find themselves at 7-6.  Tenuously back in the remaining sixth wildcard spot. Whether they’ll be able to maintain that position depends on how they persevere over a quirky scheduling situation.

The Bills will play three more games but against only two different opponents. They still have two games to play against the Miami Dolphins, the first of which takes place in Buffalo this coming Sunday.  The second meeting will be in Miami on New Year’s Eve. In between is a rematch against the New England Patriots in Foxborough on Christmas Eve. (By the way, thanks for that football gods.)

The upshot is, even though they’ll likely lose to the Patriots (Bah Humbug), if the Bills manage to sweep the Dolphins, they would finish at 9-7.  That would maintain a legitimate chance at the post-season. However, if they lose either game to the Dolphins, their playoff hopes essentially melt away.

So bring on the team from sunny, warm Miami. The forecast here is for clouds and temps around the freezing mark. And, who knows? Maybe we can muster up a little more snow.

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