Brady to the Chargers? Steelers trading for Bell? A weird week in NFL news.

Dayna O’Gorman
Senior NFL Reporter

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

The trade deadline has passed, and it was pretty uneventful. Yes, there were a few trades in the week leading up, but, as it often does, it ended up being a lot of rumors and wishful thinking. What this week has brought, however, is a handful of odd stories that have many shaking their heads.

Let’s start with Tom Brady. Brady, the 42yr old, future Hall of Fame, current Patriots quarterback, has never played for another team and truly no one could imagine him doing so. Until this week. I think it started with Jason La Canfora’s article saying Brady has an interest in playing for the Los Angeles Chargers next year if he’s not in New England. It snowballed after that, with fans and media grabbing the idea and running with it.

Can we be real here, for a moment? Do you honestly think the Patriots would let Brady play for anyone else? If he had any game left, why in the world would they let him go? Also, he’d be 43. Why would HE want to go start over somewhere else? Yes, I know he has family in California. Yes, I know he has football camps there. Retiring there makes a lot more sense than starting for a new team.

It’s possible, I guess, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

After the trade deadline, the New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell said in multiple interviews that his agent told him that a handful of teams called about trading for him. Of the teams he listed, one truly stood out. The Pittsburg Steelers.

Bell said the Steelers calling was a surprise to him. Well, it is for us too. We all remember back in 2018 when Bell sat out the entire season due to a contract dispute. We remember, but does Pittsburgh? What would the logic be to bring in a player that basically stood you up for a full season? I know the Steelers are struggling this year, and I know Bell’s replacement, RB James Conner, has a shoulder injury, but…really?

I’m no general manager, but I’m surprised this was even a conversation.

Lastly, we go from weird to scary. Washington tackle Trent Williams announced that he had a cancerous growth removed from his head. A growth that had supposedly been there for six years. A growth the team doctors knew about and downplayed to Williams. Williams spoke at length from his locker today about the situation, saying he no longer trusts the organization. Who could blame him?

The Redskins released a statement asking the NFL Management Council and the NFLPA to form a joint committee to look into the medical records and care Williams got. This again brings into question the quality of care NFL players are getting, and whether or not these doctors can be trusted to put health, not football, first.

We all wish Trent the best.

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