Bringing Up Matt Patricia’s Past

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By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN 

Late Wednesday night, an article was released on the Detroit News website regarding a sexual assault that indicated involvement by Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia.

The alleged assault took place in the spring of 1996, when Patricia and his friend, Greg Dietrich, “violently sexually assaulted” a victim on a spring break trip in Texas.  Both men were arrested, charged and indicted, but never got to go to trial.  According to the article, “the victim felt that she couldn’t face the pressures and stress of a trial” and the trial was dismissed.

Most Lions fans have chalked this up to clickbait, and a bunch of nothing.  Which surprised me a little, but that’s fine.  However, I think something to keep in mind is that if there was a “good” time for this to surface, the offseason is just that.  It’s the offseason.  This shouldn’t be a distraction later on down the road when the Lions are making a playoff push (I’m wishfully thinking here!).

Also, another good thing is that Matt Patricia has gone on to put this all behind him, and as far as we know, hasn’t done anything like that since.  Honestly, I feel that while it hopefully doesn’t lead to finding out about anything else, that it should be addressed.  Especially if it’s out there and can be found in a 30-second search.  I also am a believer in second chances, and it seems like Matt Patricia has taken advantage of that.

Unfortunately, there’s still a blip in the back of my mind that thinks, “what if this really happened”?  Of course, Patricia’s lawyers say that the whole thing was fabricated.  Which it may have been, but what if it wasn’t?  The victim felt that she couldn’t face the pressures and stress of a trial, which could also very well be true.  We don’t have both sides of the story.  If this brought back a tense and tragic time for Patricia, who states his innocence, what about the victim?

And now we find out that there were at least 5 witnesses, and the victim did go to the hospital.  If she went on her own, or if she was made to go, due to the allegations, isn’t clear.

What is clear is that something happened 22 years ago and Matt Patricia may or may not have been involved.  Since Patricia claims innocence, then all should be fine, right?  People are doing their due diligence and what is required in a situation like this.

In my opinion, this isn’t clickbait.  It’s doing what the Lions (and Patriots, and Giants) didn’t do. I can understand why they didn’t, but again, if Patricia really is innocent, then it should be of no worry to fans. Except that it’s now in the back of my mind, and probably everyone else’s.

We just need to trust the process. #OnePride

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