Browns Being Browns – Rebuilding or Tanking?

Kate Arhar
Kate Arhar Browns Reporter

By Kate Arhar aka Cleveland Kate // @ClvlndK8


I usually suffer from the Bye Week Blues at this time of year. Good or Bad – and we all know lately it’s been a whole lot of Bad – The Browns are my team and they are part of my Sunday ritual from August through January. However this week, I’m RELIEVED that there isn’t a Browns game on Sunday. Because they decided to let their off-the-field dysfunction become the hot topic of Trade Deadline conversation. Sigh.

Conflicting stories are everywhere. The trade would have the Browns sending a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick to Bengals for their backup quarterback, AJ McCarron. (I’ll get to my thoughts on the trade itself in a minute.) The first story to hit social media was that the Browns didn’t send their paperwork to the NFL League Office before the 4:00 pm deadline. The next story was that the Browns sent their signed paperwork to the Bengals and THEY are the ones that didn’t send it on to the league office.


Either way, this just adds fuel to the already burning fire that fans have started to burn the whole thing down again. The front office is taking the brunt of the heat due to this latest incident. Regardless of whose fault it is, the trade didn’t go through and the Browns look inept. Again.

As to the trade itself, I find it troublesome to say the least. We are in year two of a rebuilding process. We were asked to be patient, to suffer through the tough losses, and to give them three years to turn things around.

They drafted QB DeShone Kizer out of Notre Dame, named him the Starter, and we were asked to be patient. We were told “it’s a process” and “he’s progressing” and that the inaccuracy and interceptions are part of his “growing pains” as an NFL Quarterback. And we were patient.

They benched Kizer for quarterbacks Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler and then went back to Kizer. We complained, but we at least understood. Or tried to understand what head coach Hue Jackson was doing. But now, with arguably the worst wide receiving corps in the entire league, they make a huge splash at the trade deadline by going after a quarterback. Um, excuse me? Who is he going to throw to? The lack of talent at receiver is a HUGE problem and they are going to solve that by bringing in another quarterback? Oy.

And don’t get me started on what a move like this would have done to Kizer and his development. There is no way paying such a price for McCarron would have done anything except completely halt Kizer’s progress. Even just the idea that they were trading for a QB is going to cause issues for Kizer. For once, this coaching staff has got to leave the quarterback alone and let him finish the season. They need to see if he can figure it out, if they can coach him to stop making the mistakes, if he has what it takes to be the franchise QB.

Because that’s what they told us the plan was. That’s why they asked fans to be patient and to let the rebuilding process work. But this trade – or attempted trade – clearly says they don’t believe in their process, they don’t believe in either the coaching staff or the talent scouts. And it makes me wonder if they are rebuilding or just plain tanking. Which surely doesn’t leave much for fans to believe in going forward.


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