Browns Offensive Woes Continue

Kate Arhar
Kate Arhar Browns Reporter

By Cleveland Kate // @ClvlndK8

Browns 17 – 33 Texans

Another tough game to watch for Browns fans. While most seemed surprised at the blow-out, if you look at their schedule up until now (Jets, Colts, Bengals), it’s only going to get harder as the season progresses.  Visions of an 0-16 record loom large in the minds of even die hard fans. And the fear that getting the first pick in the draft (again) will only bring disappointment as the front office seems to struggle with player selection and analytics is very real.

Week after week fans see players the Browns released making plays, like wide recievers Willie Snead in NO or Travis Benjamin in Los Angeles for the Chargers.  They see players they passed on in the draft wining games; quarterbacks Carson Wentz PHI and Deshaun Watson HOU being the most popular benchmarks so far. And they question the ability of the front office – and analytics – to put together a football team. Rightfully so.

Kate’s blurry picture of Jason McCourty

There are definitely Bright Spots. While the defense struggled today, Myles Garrett is definitely the “real deal” and he leads the team with three sacks in just two games played.  Defensive back Jason McCourty had a pick six, the first of his career, and the Browns first in over a year.  Due to injuries to Garrett & line backer Jamie Collins, this was the first week that the off season projected starting defense was actually on the field. Hopefully they’ll get used to working together and improve.

However, questions are going to be asked and they need to be answered.  The canned responses of “we have to look at the tape” or “rebuilding is a process” are wearing thin on fans in a city where they have other options for their sports entertainment dollars. The Indians have had back-to-back playoff seasons. The Cavaliers have a Championship and a very bright season about to start. And folks in Northeast Ohio work to hard for their money to continue to spend it on a poor product.

I love the Browns. They are my team and will be my team forever. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see the problems. That doesn’t mean I can’t be critical of the product they are putting on the field. And it doesn’t mean that I don’t have questions for the  Jimmy Haslam, Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta and Hue Jackson. When I can’t think of anything positive to say about the Offense or Special Teams, you know it’s bad.

My solution – and one that will be proposed by many in the upcoming weeks – is to hire a “Football Guy.” The biggest knock on the analytics department is that their success came in Baseball so it’s time for someone to lead the Talent Evaluation/Analytics team who has football knowledge. I know former quarterback Peyton Manning is the popular name right now, but I don’t want him. That’s right, I said it. This would be his first job in an NFL front office and I want someone with more experience. Besides, I still think he ends up at Tennessee.

Who? Not sure yet. (We all know how Mike Holmgren worked out!!) But it has to be someone reputable with a resume of building winning teams. OH, and he has to be willing to come to CLEVELAND. Might take a mighty big check, but Haslam has deep pockets. Just Saying. Send me your suggestions – I’m open to the possibilities!


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