Can Trubisky Lead the Chicago Bears in Year Two?

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

The hype train has made its way to Chicago. A new head coach, several new weapons added from free agency and the NFL Draft and a young second-year quarterback to lead them.  

It’s a lot to put on the shoulders of a 23-year old. But when this has been your dream since childhood, you better be ready.

Having been taken number two overall in the 2017 NFL Draft after only playing one full season at North Carolina, the pressure to prove himself was an understatement. Unfortunately, quarterback Mitch Trubisky was thrown in without a chance to learn a system and make it his own.

Poor coaching and play calling overshadowed his true talent. But this year is different. This year Trubisky will play with a swagger the NFL did not get to see. His love of the game will be on display and it will show in a big way.

Can Trubisky lead the Chicago Bears to a winning season in 2018? I tend to think so for several reasons.

  1. Has an enormous football IQ. It’s easy to forget that Trubisky grew up with football in his veins. Raised in the football-loving town of Mentor, Ohio, football was everything. As the ball boy for the football team at Mentor High School, Trubisky watched how players interacted with each other, building in his mind a football vocabulary and the basis what a leader looks like. He made those skills his own in order to lead his own team when given the opportunity, especially in his last season at NC State. All the football schemes and looks he studies bring more understanding, and he wants to bring those to the field each and every time.


  1. His willingness to learn, apply and display his love of the game. With a former quarterback and offensive-minded head coach in Matt Nagy, Trubisky is getting the attention and one-on-one time needed to be successful. Trubisky has been known to stay up late watching game film, learning the playbook and asking questions that will help improve his mechanics and apply that knowledge. He knows how to command his offensive line but just needs to hone his craft and have the right tools to display them.

Sports writer Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated stated it this way, “While Trubisky’s developing mental acumen will be the driving factor in Chicago’s passing game, the X-factor will be his mechanics. The question is: How much of that stemmed from being an uncomfortable rookie and having a poor supporting cast?


  1. He wants to give the city of Chicago and the fans a team to believe in. Trubisky knows what he can do and is capable of doing. He has the heart of a grizzly and wants nothing more than to shred a defense. Trubisky has been humbled by the way the city of Chicago has embraced him and the way his team supports him. With that being said, he has every intention of leading this team to a winning season on the heels of a dynamic play calling coach in Nagy.


The 2018 season can be Trubisky’s proven story, silencing the critics and placing him among the young NFL passers such as Deshaun Watson, Jared Goff, Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz. But that is only if he can show strength in his timing and rhythm, pocket awareness, and footwork in the games that count. Trubisky needs to shine this season and prove that he was worth the #2 pick to no one else but himself.

I believe he can lead the Chicago Bears to a winning season in 2018.

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