Carolina Panthers/Refs vs Philadelphia Eagles

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By Roxaan Herrera // @roxaaneh

Result: Eagles – 28, Panthers – 23

Frustrating game to say the least. I knew it was going to be a physically gritty game, but I did not expect the referees to get in on it, too. Anyone who watches and understands football knows that this Thursday night’s game was unfairly called.

I mean, the Philadelphia Eagles were called on what were (mostly questionable) 10 fouls for 126 yards, while the Carolina Panthers had ONE penalty for ONE yard, with multiple obvious missed calls. Carolina had the advantage by not only having home field on their side, but the refs as well. It’s discouraging when the officiating crew is not fair to both teams; it sends the wrong message. Players lose confidence because they’re not being allowed to play and fear that any more penalties called could cost them the game.

Despite sloppy plays, and everyone against them, the Eagles rose above and beyond to once again prove their haters wrong. There were several players noticeably missing, such as right tackle Lane Johnson. Still young, quarterback Carson Wentz, managed to complete 16 of 30 passes, with help from wide receiver Alshon Jeffery who had three touchdowns. Even running back LeGarrette Blount had a statement to make, with his 67 yards.

Philly’s defense played their hearts out. They kept them in the game stacking up three interceptions against Carolina. Linebacker Jordan Hicks left early in the game with an ankle injury, but even with the necessary adjustments, and even with Wentz’s right side being unprotected, he led his team to a much deserved win. They have earned the next 12 days off.

I don’t mind the skepticism. I don’t mind the doubts. I don’t mind that people focus on the lack of rings the Eagles have, or rather, DON’T have. But there’s no way any football fan can say that the Eagles aren’t here to play, because they are. We are. And I am so proud of my team for staying poised and coming out with a win. Go Eagles!

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