Checking in on the New Orleans Saints


Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Their season ended in a heartbreaking manner: so very close to the Super Bowl, only to be stopped by a controversial call.

I decided to go ahead and check in on the Saints this offseason, since we here at OurTurf hadn’t talked about them too much.

I asked one of our good friends and obviously, huge Saints fan Greg Barber about the team, offseason changes, their quarterback and his thoughts on the 2019 season.


SG:  How’s the offseason going for the Saints?

GB: How is the offseason going for the Saints? I think the Saints offseason went good for the most part. They didn’t suffer many major losses.  Not that losing [former Saints running back Mark] Ingram and [center Max] Unger were not major losses, but they managed to keep the main core players together.

SG:  Did you like the draft?

GB: I felt like for the few picks they had [five],  they did as well as they could with them. It looks like they got a couple of players that will make an impact. But time will tell how this really works out.

SG: There’s been some talk recently about quarterback Drew Brees and the lack of respect he gets. Do you think that’s true?

GB:  Brees nor the Saints have never really gotten the true respect of the media since I have been a fan. I’m used to it and I never have personally been concerned about whether they respect them or not. You win games on the field, not in the media.  (Post-interview add:  Can I really just say that I love that thought.  You really don’t win games in the media. In my opinion anyway.)

SG: Do you see them going back to the NFC Championship game this year? Or even further?

GB: I believe they can make another run to the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl. They should have been in last year but these things happen.


So there you have it!  Despite some personnel losses for the Saints, the addition of some pretty good looking secondary players in Saquan Hampton and Chauncey Garnder-Johnson could help get the Saints back to the NFC Championship game. Of course, having a leader in Brees also helps some too.


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