Checking in on the quarterbacks in the NFC South

Sonja Greenfield, OTFB Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //  @Mom23RN

I’ve hit the NFC North and NFC East.  This week, I head down to the durrty south.

These quarterbacks are about as stable as they get, outside of Tampa Bay, and even that’s not that truly unstable.   Despite quarterback Jameis Winston‘s issues, he’s still in the mix.

So, lets look at Winston, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton and ask the question, “What will 2019 look like for these quarterbacks?”

Since I’ve mentioned Winston, let’s start with Tampa Bay.

Winston’s 2018 season was nothing to remember. After being suspended the first 4 games, Winston came back to an almost QB controversy between him and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Eventually, Winston took back the starting role and had a lackluster season.

However, in the off-season, the Buccaneers hired head coach Bruce Arians, who has an affinity for Winston.  Could he be the one to get Winston to achieve?  Winston has talent in the offense with wide receivers Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin, but not too much else.  If the Buccaneers can draft some offensive talent, and Arians gets Winston to improve, the Buccaneers could make some noise in 2019.

Moving on to the New Orleans Saints.  What a 2018 they had, only to end in controversy.  Really, there isn’t a reason to think they can’t do it again.  Signal caller Drew Brees can continue to feast with having teammates like WRs Michael Thomas, Ted Ginn, Jr. and running back Alvin Kamara.  Then you think about free agent additions in tight end Jared Cook and RB Latavius Murray, it could be more of the same.

They did lose center Max Unger to retirement, and while Cook and Murray are good additions, they are still new to the team. It could take some time for everyone to adjust.  Also, one could say that they were the benefactors of a down NFC South in 2018.    If the rest of their division improves, will they still stay on top?  Only time will tell!

For the Atlanta Falcons, 2018 was something to forget. Ryan had one of his better seasons; he threw for over 4900 yards for the 2nd time in his career and tied for his fewest interceptions with 7. Unfortunately, it only amounted to a 7-9 finish.

In the off-season, the Falcons brought back their former offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.  Could this be the answer to contending for the division?  They also signed offensive linemen Jamon Brown and James Carpenter to assist with the run game, which was lacking in 2018 as well, due to injuries to RB Devonta Freeman.

Could Ryan and company have a good 2019? Honestly, if all are healthy and Koetter can tweak the offense, there’s no reason to think that they couldn’t challenge for the division.

Last but not least, the Carolina Panthers, and QB Cam Newton.  Will Newton be dabbin’ on ’em in 2019? Off-season “workout” methods aside, he did have shoulder surgery.  It was sort of evident that something wasn’t right at the end of last season, hence him sitting the last two games.

So for 2019, he feels that he needs to focus more, so that he can return to his old form.  If Newton focuses on rehabbing and getting healthy, there’s no reason why he can’t have good 2019.  He’s got RB Christian McCaffrey, TE Greg Olsen, if he can stay healthy.  He also has WRs Torrey Smith and DJ Moore.  Plenty of talent, that if they can all stay healthy, it could be some must see TV. Did I mention they need to be healthy?

The NFC South is certainly going to be a division to keep an eye on in 2019.  If these QBs are able to put things together, look out!


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