Chicago Bears: Are Fans Expecting Too Much From Trubisky

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

The pleas of the masses have been heard.  On Monday, October 2nd, 2017, the second-round pick of the 2017 NFL Draft will start his career under center for the Chicago Bears.  Coach John Fox discussed it at length on the Bears Coaches Show on WBBM AM 780. “It was just a decision I thought needed to be made.” Really?

Doesn’t it seem odd that numerous analysts predict he would get the nod between Week 5 and Week 7? Heck, even former Bears wide receiver Victor Cruz and center Olin Kreutz said he would start Week 5.

Fox continued to say, “We had 10 giveaways in the first four weeks of the season. You can’t win football games that way.”

Ah, there it is, the smoking gun!  After the embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers on national television, Fox stated that the team needed to reevaluate the team and that he would be reviewing all 4 games. The “evaluation” was strictly reviewing film to see whether or not quarterback Mike Glennon was at fault in the losses.

We all saw the games. Some of us even watched film, and though there were several drops by receivers that should have been caught, it still fell on Glennon’s shoulders to make plays. On film, Glennon looked stiff and focused on whatever play was called. For some reason, he didn’t trust himself to throw across his body on the run. He would be great on the practice field and pregame snaps, but the moment he walked on the field when it was game time, there was a disconnect and it showed.

Now it’s rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky’s turn on the national stage on Monday Night against the Minnesota Vikings who are ranked third in defense.  Does that worry fans that he is being thrown into the Vikings hands? Well of course not. For one thing, he is playing at Soldier Field where all his supporting cast will be waiting with open arms.  Can you imagine the welcoming cheers when this young man steps foot on the field? Something Glennon never heard of felt since day one.

But are fans expecting too much from Trubisky? Well, consider quarterback Tom Brady for a moment. He didn’t exactly sway scouts at the 2000 NFL Combine. In fact, his numbers ranked the worst among current starting quarterbacks. Brady ran a 5.28 in the 40. His vertical was 24.5 inches opposed to Trubisky’s who was just 27.5. Brady ran a slow 4.38, while Trubisky ran a 4.25 shuttle.  He was chosen 199th in the sixth-round.

The similarities of things missed by scouts on Brady and Trubisky might shed some light on the expectations for Mr. Biscuit.

  1. His preparation prior to the game.  Brady is meticulous when he studies his opponents and the playbook. He expects his teammates to do the same. Trubisky holds the same expectations and prepares the same way. He stays up late according to his fellow teammates and is always studying. In his first pregame presser  Trubisky said this:

“I feel like I’m ready. We’ve got a whole week of preparation to get ready for Monday night. I’m excited. I’ll just continue day-to-day and just prepare as hard as I possibly can for every single look and situation we can get on Monday. I’m just going to be depending on my teammates a lot. My job is to get the ball to the playmakers and just be a distributor and manage the offense as best I can.”

  1. His work ethic is off the charts. Brady worked tirelessly in perfecting his fundamentals such as footwork in the pocket and throwing mechanics. He is never satisfied and is always looking to improve in one way or another.  As for Trubisky he analysis at the Combine was that he had very good pocket mobility, can slide around the pocket without having to drop his eyes and when he leaves the pocket looks to challenge with his arm first before defaulting to his feet. Trubisky’s throwing mechanics are solid and can throw the rock down the field.
  1. Leadership is his mantra. One of the things that impressed Bill Belichick about Brady was his leadership.  Brady also took it upon himself to lead the rookie class in 2000. Brady had no idea if he was going to see the field or not but that didn’t matter, as it was built into his nature. His confidence in his own ability to play the game he loved was displayed in how he has led the Patriots to 5 Super Bowl rings.

On leadership Trubisky sees it this way:

“I can only control how great of a teammate I am on a daily basis and what I can do for my teammates as a leader and on the field and just bring this team closer together and help win football games. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Bears fans are expecting something exciting. Even if the Bears lose, they somehow feel that Trubisky will give this team a fighting chance. Let’s see what this young stud of an athlete can bring to Chicago!

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