Chicago Bears Dropping the Ball on Robinson

Wanda Wiedman,
Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

With arms extended as far as he could reach, Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson snatches a bullet from quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in a mid-air horizontal catch. It was a sight to see and a head-scratcher as to why the Bears organization continues to delay extending the contract of this prolific athlete. 

Robinson’s ceiling for production is extremely high especially in the shape he is in now. His natural ability to stretch the field and grab the ball on the go is a testament to his dedication to the game and to this Chicago Bears team.

But in Bears have their sights set on $16M, while Robinson is seeking somewhere around $18 million. With players around the league getting their payday, Robinson patiently waits. But patience has a time limit and time is running out.

There is no question of Robinson’s contribution to the team. He does not just merely stop at receiving skills, but he will block when needed and his leadership in the wide receivers room and throughout the offense is well respected. Robinson’s leadership extends outside the locker room in the many outside contributions he makes to the community and beyond. It is his second nature to be about others, to put the needs of others before his own and that includes his team. 

The fact that the Bears are dragging their feet on giving him an extension payday is an indication that each player is expendable, replaceable, and only worth what they can bring to the table.  Robinson has said over and over again how much he wants to retire a Bear and support the city of Chicago. 

His Within Reach Foundation has continued to provide food to Chicago area students. Not only that but he didn’t hesitate to help students get meals during the pandemic and making an impact on the city of Chicago. For Chicagoans, this is a true reflection of his character on and off the field.

Allen Robinson is not a drama queen, nor does he throw tantrums because he wants the Chicago Bears organization to respect his talents with a “show me the money” attitude. He did not hold out at camp but instead worked out in the offseason with Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to help him gain the confidence and work out the kinks, whilst developing that QB-receiver relationship most teams have. 

Robinson wants to be paid his worth as a key and integral part of this team not only because he deserves it but because he loves being a part of this franchise. It would be a shame and an insult to the blood, sweat, and tears that Robinson has poured out to this team. At the age of 27, he plays like he is 24! He has not lost a step and leaves it all on the field each and every Sunday. 

General Manager Ryan Pace can’t continue to stand back and watch Robinson walk out the door without a deal, especially when the season has already started. Unfortunately, I don’t see Pace buckling to give him that extension especially when he has WR Anthony Miller and Darnell Mooney on rookie contracts.

It would be a real shame not to see Robinson finish his career in Chicago. I guarantee, barring any injury, Robinson is going to ball out this year and match what he did in Jacksonville. 

As both sides continue to talk at the table, Robinson continues to dress for game day and build his resume’ on the field in an attempt of reaching for that 1000 yard season. If only the Bears would get it a deal done so that the focus will be on a championship.

Come on Pace, open the wallet and get the deal done!

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