Chicago Bears Fans Demand Change But at Whose Expense?

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

“Tru-bis-y, Tru-bis-ky, Tru-bis-ky” could be heard throughout Raymond James stadium by Chicago Bears fans.  After quarterback Mike Glennon displayed a substandard performance in a 29-7 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, it was more than any Bears fan could stomach. The chants shouted by fans to start the young rookie could be heard throughout social media, at times begging general manager to Ryan Pace to intervene.

But there is a reason for not playing the rookie, which I will share in a moment.

Granted, the Bears did not start off great, ushering yet another 0-2 start to the season, making it three years in a row.  To add insult to injury…well,  the stack of injuries that are once again plaguing this team.

But it is the performance of the starting quarterback that has the football world in a tizzy. Despite Glennon passing for 301 yards, and completing 31-45 passes, he finished the day with one touchdown and three turnovers.  He took ownership of those mental mistakes stating, “Obviously it was not what I envisioned or hoped,” Glennon said about his return to Tampa Bay. “Ultimately it shows how important taking care of the football is. Four turnovers in the first half is not going to win many football games, three of those fall on me. Ultimately I have to do a better job and give us a better chance to win.”

However, to the fans and reporters that watched this game the images of the day are etched in their minds.  But as expected, everyone wanted to know when will Mitchell Trubisky play? For goodness sake, it is only logical that a head coach whose objective is to win games, would certainly bench such a performance right? Not according to John Fox,

“It’s not a one-man game,” Fox said. “I thought [Glennon] made some good throws, he hung in there, got hit enough. I don’t think that loss was all about the quarterback.”

In a way, he is right. In the first drive for the Bears, Glennon was on target, players were catching passes, but it was the offense that was missing key blocks. Tight end Dion Sims could not control defensive end Noah Spence, who continued to overpower him.  Charles Leno Jr. was too unsettled to stop Devante’ Daniels.

Or how about the fumble from rookie running back Tarik Cohen or the back-to-back drops from wide receiver Kendall Wright? But why stop there? Zach Miller dropped a pass, Josh Bellamy dropped a pass, and rookie Tanner Gentry dropped a pass. There were numerous missed tackles by the defense and special teams. The team as a whole let a mediocre team get the best of them.  They can only blame themselves.

But for those screaming for a quarterback change after two games? Nothing is worse than setting up someone to fail.  With a team riddled with injuries once again, it just isn’t worth the cost to the future of the franchise.  It is evident that the Bears want to see Trubisky succeed, but only when they have a healthy, strong offense to put in front of him. Putting him in early for the sake of panic won’t help if he gets hurt.

As a fan, I would love to see the Bears win games and not look like they did on Sunday. But with the way the offense is right now, Trubisky will feel the need to make the plays himself, putting himself in bad situations. It is how he is built and fans love that about him. But to succeed he shouldn’t have to make that decision. He should be able to trust in his front line and have time to throw the ball.  That’s a successful setup.

Glennon doesn’t have the arm and the Bears coaching staff knows it: so do all the other 31 teams. His hesitation to sling it will get him in trouble every time.  He needs to stick with his checkdowns, follow his progressions and sling the ball as soon as he sees his receiver open. Throwing into coverage is a rookie mistake.

As for Fox and company, making statements like “He had a great practice”, means nothing if it doesn’t transfer to the field.

Come on Bears, there is still plenty of games left to have a winning record. Don’t let it slip through your fingers!!

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