Chicago Bears Fans Unite Under #FireFox Anthem

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by Wanda Wiedman / @WandaW63

In early October as the football season was in full swing.  There was an outcry from fans to bench quarterback Mike Glennon and start rookie Mitch Trubisky. Hoping that it was just a QB issue, Bears fans were ecstatic when the rookie was started and the organization could start winning games. Even though the Bears won two in a row, it was due to the defense and not the quarterback change.

This led to believe that the crux of the Bears losing display was solely on head coach John Fox. They were hoping that by October 30th, their cries and demands would be heard and he would be gone.


Included in their demands were the following complaints:

  •         A poor winning record at Soldier Field
  •         Poor player personnel decisions
  •         Inept clock management and questionable challenges
  •         Poor communication skills
  •         A condescending attitude to fans and the media


I’m not sure about the latter one as New England Patriots head Coach Bill Belichick is the master of having a condescending attitude at every presser. None the less, initiated a campaign using the hashtag #FireFox and the logo of the actual search engine that bears that name.


As a matter of fact, the #FireFox hashtag was trending at number 20 across the United States.  But it doesn’t stop there. Those behind the campaign will be holding a rally on today in outside the Waddle and Silvy show, an ESPN studio in Chicago at 1:45pm CT.


The demands, simply that the Bears organization fire Coach Fox and give them a coach that will win games going forward. Even if that means promoting Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio as acting interim coach.


Not all Bears fans are in agreement about firing a coach mid-season but even if the Bears start winning games all of a sudden, it will not change how they feel. The fans want their beloved Chicago Bears back. They want the team that had grit, moxie and a winning mentality from the coach to the kicker and they won’t rest until they get back their Monsters of the Midway.

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