Chicago Bears Matt Nagy on track his way

Wanda Wiedman, Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Bears 16 – 14 Cardinals

The expectations for the outcome of Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals were supposed to be low. If you were expecting a blowout, then your expectations were a bit too high. The Bears defeated the Cardinals 16-14 thanks to the defense.

The Bears defense was a little slow at first, including a couple of botched plays in coverage from linebacker Danny Trevathan. Those two ended up in touchdowns. But with some motivation, the Bears defense came alive and held quarterback Sam Bradford to 0 points for the rest of the game.

However, Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky struggled throughout the day, especially when he would drop his eyes the moment the Cardinals would pass rush. He failed to connect on the deep balls but did just enough to lead his team to victory.

Should Bears fans be surprised? Frankly, no. Coach Matt Nagy has been preaching this since the first day he became the Bears head coach. Let’s not forget that the Bears hired Nagy for the development of Trubisky. He was instrumental in the coaching of Alex Smith.

Hiring Nagy is a great sign for the development of Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Nagy helped entice the best season of Alex Smith‘s career in 2017 and helped mature the Chiefs first-round pick Patrick Mahomes. Watching Mahomes play should give Bears fans hope that Trubisky will get there. It was evident last season that there was no development of Trubisky under ex-coach John Fox, so Nagy has had to start from scratch.

On numerous occasions, Nagy has expressed that there would be growing pains. These pains are not limited to just Trubisky but throughout the offense. There are a lot of missed blocks and penalties that have set the offense back. But Nagy has been very adamant that the growing pains are expected in a new offense and that they would continue grinding until it all clicks. But it will be done Nagy’s way, despite the grumblings of fans and pseudo-experts as to where the young quarterback should be in his progress.

Trubisky will learn and the more he plays and gets those reps, the more he will shake off the jitters and settle in with what he knows. His improvements will show themselves on the field the first time he connects on a long pass. They will show when his eyes are scanning the field and he throws a perfect pass across his body for a touchdown. It will all come together and click as Nagy stated last night.

Bears fans need to be patient and trust the process. The Chicago Bears are at the top of the NFC North and are over .500. Every Bear fan this morning should be elated and not dwell on every bad throw or bad play call in yesterday’s game. The fact that the Bears have won two in a row should be exciting!

This franchise has always been built on a strong defense; it’s how the Monsters of the Midway were born. The Monsters are back and they are willing to fight and grind for every win. Trubisky and the offense got the points on the board and it was up to the defense to keep the opposing team in the negative. They succeeded and are proving to be one of the top defenses in the league.

Trubisky and company will have a bigger challenge when they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in Soldier Field. It will be the defense again who will have to stop this explosive offense led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Hopefully, Trubisky takes a step forward by connecting with his receivers downfield and the run game dominates each quarter.

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