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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

The shock of the NFL Draft is over for Chicago Bears fans and it’s a good thing. The Bears can now focus on developing a team whose goal is to win games and make last season’s horrible 3-13 nightmare disappear.

Despite the “wonderful outlook” for the 2017 season by ESPN, Sports Illustrated and the NFL Network, (sarcasm intended), the Bears are not taking anything for granted. According to, general Manager Ryan Pace was graded with a D+ by 15 NFL Executives for his off season moves.

His grading was based on lack-luster veteran free agent signings and the gutsy moves in “selling the farm” for the second overall pick in quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Frankly, these owners see the Bears transactions as “scrambling to get to 6-10 or 8-8.” As a matter of fact to them, the offseason was the signing of “a lot of mediocre players on mediocre deals.”

Tell that to the face of defensive backs Prince Amukamara and Quintin Demps or wide receivers Marcus Wheaton or Kendall Wright. The only way these players are going to prove they deserve a shot is to show it on the field. The voluntary OTAs proved to be an opportunity for players and rookies to show that they are ready and hungry to win games. To assume that these players have nothing to offer is absurd and disrespectful.

Whether you like it or not, quarterback Mike Glennon has every intention in commanding this offense and has already gone to great lengths in developing a relationship with his wide receiver core. Head coach John Fox said this about Glennon, “He has high expectations and expects that of his teammates. He works very, very hard and he expects the same from his teammates and I think that’s contagious.”

Glennon set up workouts with his teammates at a nearby local high school and included some extra- curricular activities such as a Bulls game, a concert and a few barbeques. His goal is to build a trusting relationship and build cohesiveness with his receivers. It is important to him to build trust among his receivers, always keeping their best interest at heart, which at the end of the day is to win games and be relevant again.

Mitchell Trubisky courtesy

Rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky is making sure that he is soaking in everything he can about the team and what is required of him. He stated on that he is getting better every day.

“I’m getting a little bit more comfortable every day. I’m studying a lot. I’ve put in more work on this playbook than I’ve put into anything in my life and it’s coming along great.” And how does he do this? “It’s all about blocking out distractions and how good you want to be.”

It’s seems like for the Bears, the majority of the team has to block out all the white noise of opinions and negativity directed at them these days. But don’t fall asleep on these guys. The defense wants everyone to know that they have their own expectations and belief on themselves. Linebacker Lamaar Houston had this to say about the defense:

“We’ve got a wide range of guys who can play this position. We’ve got a power guy, a speed guy, a finesse guy and a guy who can run through your face and get to the quarterback.” The Bears defense went into OTAs with a mindset that come the start of the regular season, they intend to dominate and destroy every opponent they face.

The Chicago Bears showing at OTAs is that they intend to spill the same drive and goals into training camp. It’s now a matter of how they can build on each other’s strengths and determination.  They are not going to give any attention to the media bashing or fan discontent.

They all know too well how disappointing the last several seasons were. But they are going to prove to their fans and naysayers that they will make every effort to make 2017 a season to remember.

Don’t count them out just yet. Believe in this team.

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