Chicago Bears: Slippery Football, Slippery Field, Slippery Slope of a Game


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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Packers 35 – Bears 14

The Thursday night matchup between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers was supposed to be at least competitive. But within the first 53 seconds of the game, the Bears fumble a ball, and Quarterback Aaron Rodgers magnificently directs two touchdown drives. All of this happened before the rain delay and the deafening chants of Bears fans for the head of QB Mike Glennon. The rain however gave the Bears a chance to clear their heads and find a way to catch up to the 14-0 deficit they were in.


Slippery football, Slippery field

In the first series of the game, Glennon stands in the pocket in what seemed like forever, waiting for a receiver to be open. During that play Tight End Dion Sims struggled to block Linebacker Clay Matthews, who manages to overtake him, creating a strip-sack fumble that led to a Packers touchdown. Again the Bears get another opportunity, this time Glennon brings up his knee prior to the cadence but thinks the offense doesn’t see it. So he does it again only for the ball to be snapped and hitting Glennon in the knee giving the Packers the ball once again, leading to the second touchdown.

In the first quarter, the Bears could not produce a clean string of plays. With a wet field the Bears tried to move the ball at the start of the second quarter. In a shocking display, and rare scene, a long throw by Glennon finds the hands of Wide Receiver Josh Bellamy, only to be stripped on the way down by the Packers secondary. But the Bears defense came through with a QB sack by LB Leonard Floyd and another chance to get a score on the board. But Glennon fails to make the correct throw to Markus Wheaton and it is intercepted.

The Bears quarterback has managed to fumble and throw interceptions since the start of this season.  Players were sliding all over the field on both sides of the ball, but it was becoming a circus at the expense of the Bear’s signal caller.

But with 12 seconds left in the first half, Glennon throws a nice fade to Kendall Wright for the touchdown. The touchdown drive was the only solid series of plays by Glennon in that game. It was a slippery slope of a first quarter for the Bears.

Slippery slope of a game

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The Bears started the second half taking the ball down the field to about the 32 yard line giving kicker Connor Barth a chance at a 3-pointer but missed it. Rodgers moves the ball and scores again and it comes back on a holding call. But the Bears defense are frustrated and linebacker Danny Trevathan nails receiver DeVante Adams in a brutal hit to the head.  The Bears at this point are chasing the Packers on the field and in the division.  Packers score and take the hit to Adams personally.

Glennon seemed to be moving the ball but then it was inevitable. He threw for his second INT of the game. Despite the poor performance by Glennon, Fox and company would dig their heels in and refuse to bench the veteran QB for the rookie. It was hard to watch as the Bears defense struggled to press against the Packers wide receivers. It was even harder to watch the offense gain momentum only to see it collapse before their eyes. A wide open Jordy Nelson in the end zone sealed the fate of the Bears.

How deep of a hole do the Bears want to dig to prove a point? To stay the course? They played against a crippled Packers team and yet couldn’t get a rhythm going. Packers defense played eight in the box the entire game, because film showed a pattern in offense.

Maybe it’s time to let this team play with passion behind a signal caller who scans the field and doesn’t just wait for a play to happen. It’s time to play to win. No more excuses, or side-stepping on this issue. Either play to win or lay down and die. But let them be the monsters they know they can be behind a playmaking quarterback.

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