Chicago Bears: Trubisky Has the Moxie to Lead the Future

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

The sound could be heard throughout the nation. It was the sound of the deflated air of every Chicago Bears fan and player in Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions. To be honest it was worse than #deflategate. The look on quarterback Mitch Trubisky‘s face when kicker Connor Barth missed the game-winning field goal was the telling tale of a Bears leader who was crushed when he couldn’t give his team a win.

The moxie Trubisky has to lead the future of the Chicago Bears is exactly what this team was built on.  Bears legend Mike Ditka coached the Bears for 11 years. Out of those, the Bears were in first place for 6 years in the division under the leadership filled with moxie.  But the kid from Mentor, Ohio does not take his position as the leader of the Bears offense lightly.

Trubisky approaches every game with poise, professionalism and a fiery will that tries to make plays out of nothing.  His heart bleeds a winner’s mentality and when he doesn’t get it, he tries even harder. Relentless hours of film study and practice time with his offense that demands his respect makes this team better.  His teammates give some examples:

Josh Sitton, Guard

“He commands the huddle like a veteran. A few weeks ago, we started to break the huddle early and he said, “Get the f– back in the huddle, and don’t break it until I break it.”

Kyle Long, Guard

“Mitch is a lot further along the road than I was. And he has shown no signs to me or any of the guys around me that he’s having any hiccups.” 

Tight End Eric Ebron of the Detroit Lions said this about Trubisky;

“He was on the practice squad, (North Carolina) and I was just amazed how well he threw the damn football. I mean, there isn’t a place he couldn’t put the football. And I can’t wait for him to develop in this league.”

Trubisky has had his fair share of disappointments.  He’s had missed catches, two interceptions and faced a ridiculous amount of sacks in six games; 17 to be exact.  Most of those are due to his desire to want to make a play out of nothing and holding on to the ball too long.

But you can’t help but love the grit, moxie, no-holds-barred nature that Trubisky wears so proudly under his Bears jersey.  One can only imagine where he can take the Bears once he is able to polish his edges.   And if he has a head coach who is willing to let him loose and give him some receivers that can make plays and score touchdowns?  He would be money!

The future is bright for this young man and with the right play calling and quarterback coaching, Trubisky will bring the Chicago Bears back to a competing team.  We already witnessed how he gave the Bears a chance to win the game against Lions. He just needs the right pieces around him, including a coaching staff that believes and trusts in his abilities.

Chicago Bears Nation believes in Mitchell Trubisky because the kid’s got moxie!

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