Chicago Bears Win by Putting Rookies on Display

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63


Bears 33 – Bengals 7

The Chicago Bears got a much needed win and they did it in a big way. Coming off of a one point loss against a 1-10 team was just too much for the Bears and it took their young leader to command a winning mentality in the locker room and the practice field.

“When everyone has that hunger, that desire to want to go out and execute the next play, it makes it fun on offense.”  

This is the core statement that rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky said during yesterday’s press conference and it was everything he could have envisioned. It was a well balanced offense, both in the run and pass game, something that fans and writers, including myself, have echoed throughout the season.

Granted, they played a Cincinnati Team that was missing their leading tackler in Vontaze Burfict, but when an offense is balanced and the quarterback is able to spread the ball to different receivers, positive results are bound to come.

And that is just what the Bears did.  The offensive line gave running back Jordan Howard inches of daylight to make plays. His anger-driven push for yards was seen on every snap. If he lost yards, he would make up for it on the next play. The results: 23 touches, 147 yards, 6.4 average and two touchdowns. Rookie RB Tarik Cohen managed to get 12 touches and 80 yards, putting himself back in the mix. But let’s not leave out Trubisky who also ran in for a TD on a nice trick play.

The Bears were hailed as a one dimensional team, predictable in every snap, but not this day. Trubisky threw to eight different receivers, including rookie tight end Adam Shaheen who had 4 touches for 44 yards and a TD. The surprise was veteran wide receiver Kendall Wright who hauled in 107 yards, the most for Wright this season as a Bear. It was interesting that Dontrelle Inman had zero targets across the board.

But the best thing about this game is that the coaching staff actually allowed Trubisky to lead this team and play to the strengths of all the rookies on all phases. Even the defense answered to Trubisky’s team cadence by playing good defense, lead by linebacker Danny Trevathan with 10 tackles and 6 assists.

The win against the Bengals may be a little too late for the season but it was a true display of what this rookie core can do when they are given the ability to play to their strengths and abilities. We saw schemes such as play action pass, spread offense and an actual run game! They have proven to be capable of great things if given the chance to succeed. The Bears showed that they don’t have to be one dimensional. They just need a coaching staff who can draw up plays and let them execute them with vigor.

If they Bears can be consistent, playing to their strengths as they did against Cincy, maybe just maybe they can finish the season with a better record than last season.  We can only hope!


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