Cincinnati Bengals off to a cool 4-1 start

Marquita Quinones OTFB reporter

By Marquita Quinones //@Latinlove729

Cincinnati Bengals are off to a cool start with a 4-1 record heading into our sixth week. Although the path to victory has not been a smooth one the Bengals have managed to only fall behind the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs, which puts them in second place in the AFC.

Examples of that “rocky path” are their defeat over the Atlanta Falcons by one point, and then having to overcome a 17-point deficit this past Sunday to beat the Miami Dolphins at home. Luckily, due to a couple of wild touchdowns from defensive ends Sam Hubbard and Michael Johnson, they were able to beat a team that was favored to win by six points in another come-from-behind victory.

This style of winning has caused some to be cautiously optimistic and not ready to declare this “the year”. In fact, most believe the Bengals should’ve dominated a team like the Dolphins, but let’s face it even good teams have off weeks. The difference between a legitimate contender and an average team is finding a way to win, even when they aren’t playing their best game. That is what Cincinnati did this week.

In the first half of Sunday’s matchup, it seemed as though the Bengals were determined to show why they can’t be trusted. They were trailing 17-3, but as we all know, it isn’t over until the fourth quarter. Bengals took this to heart and went in overdrive in the last fifteen minutes of the game. The Bengals ended up outscoring the Dolphins 24-0 in the fourth quarter.

Now after a game like that, the Bengals only have one way of convincing the nay-sayers… and that is to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. The Bengals currently reside in the top 10 of most power rankings, but their game against the Steelers could change that position, pushing them even higher.

We all know that the Bengals have not fared well in their matchups against the Steelers, in fact, they are 0-6 in their last six games against Pittsburgh. A scoreless fourth quarter is what has plagued them in the past, so maybe with the new style they have been currently displaying, this won’t be a factor in that game.  All in all, this next game will be a sign of what’s to come.

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