Cleveland Browns Fire Executive VP Sashi Brown

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By Kate Arhar aka Cleveland Kate //@ClvlndK8



And so it begins…. two years into the three-year rebuilding process, and a combined record of 1-27 over these two years, reports are flooding the market that the Cleveland Browns have fired Executive VP Sashi Brown.  After being featured in the Sports Business Daily “Forty Under 40” column just two years ago, and being touted as the “right move” by writer Mike Garafolo, high expectations for Brown were clearly not met and he’s out.



Whether this is the right move for the team or just a move to appease fans who are out for blood, only time will tell. The two remaining questions are 1. Is Head Coach Hue Jackson next? and 2. Who will be running the personnel department?  The hot names right now are John Dorsey, former GM Kansas City Chiefs, and Jerry Reese, former GM New York Giants.


And, in a classy move, Sashi released his statement on the events of today…



Frankly, my initial reaction is one of dread. Here we go again, everyone will be fired and we will start over yet again. We were told this was a three-year rebuilding process. We were told this would be painful. I can see what they are trying to do and, for the first time in quite a while, they seem to be sticking to the plan.

However, passing on draft picks Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson have to be haunting the entire Front Office. Add to that a rebuilding plan that was too severe, that ripped things down too far, that left you with a team that has no “middle class,” just a few really talented guys and then a huge step down to a bunch of guys just happy to have a jersey and a paycheck and I can understand why the Haslam’s have run out of patience.

I dislike comparing the Browns to other teams, but the New York Jets are a perfect example of why this move is being made. Everyone warned fans that the Jets were rebuilding, that they were the worst team in the league, that the expectations had to be set very low. And yet they are winning games because the DIDN’T gut all the veterans off the roster. They do indeed have “middle class” players who are keeping them alive. The Browns simply cut out too much and didn’t hit they way they could have in the draft.

Fan reaction is mixed regarding the firing but for some, it’s not enough.






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