Cleveland Browns Hire GM: John Dorsey

By Kate Arhar aka Cleveland Kate // @ClvlndK8

Today has been full of news regarding the Cleveland Browns front office. Just as we were coming to grips with to the news that Executive VP Sashi Brown had been fired, just as we were revving up for all the great speculation talk, and just as we were making our cases to hire OUR favorite candidates, the Browns announce the new hire: John Dorsey.

For those who felt the Browns needed a “Football Guy” in the front office, John Dorsey, 57, has the resume to prove that’s exactly what he is.  In 1984, he was a 4th round draft pick out of Connecticut by the Green Bay Packers. He played linebacker and was used on special teams. In fact, his 35 tackles on special teams is still a Packers team record. His career ended in 1989 when he suffered a knee injury during pre-game warmups.

He stayed in Green Bay as part of the scouting department until 1999 when he went to Seattle with Mike Holmgren and became their Director of Player Personnel. After one season, he went back to Green Bay to be the Director of College Scouting where he stayed through 2011 and a Super Bowl championship. In 2012 he moved up to be their Director of Football Operations.

In 2013, he was offered the position of General Manager with the Kansas City Chiefs. While many believed that Head Coach Andy Reid would have full control over the roster, it was soon apparent that Dorsey held those controls. The two worked very well together, having spent five years together in Green Bay back in the early 90’s. He parted ways with the Chiefs in June 2017.

Re. John Dorsey: Oversaw the drafting of guys like Marcus Peters, Travis Kelce, Fisher (over Joeckel), Dee Ford, Phil Gaines, etc. + Decent value in draft trades.

The way he and Coach Reid were able to work together, to be on the same page, had to have been a key to their success the past few years. And it’s something the Haslam’s and Browns Fans have wanted for a while – a Football Guy that can work well with the coaching staff. I’m hopeful that Dorsey can do something great with the eight million draft picks the Browns have next year.  OK, so maybe it’s only 18 picks, but still, as a newly hired GM, those kinds of assets must have some value!

Obviously, only time will tell if Dorsey can turn this team around.  But at last, we have someone running the draft who actually has scouting experience and has a resume that shows two different teams where they have proven their skills at finding talent and building something successful.

Now, there are folks out there complaining that the hire was too quick, that the Rooney Rule was violated, but all the experts I see are stating that they did indeed interview other candidates, that they’ve been talking to folks for the past 5-6 weeks so they should be clear on that.

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