Cleveland Browns: What is Your “Why?”

Kate Arhar
Cleveland Browns Reporter

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8 

Last night the new season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns” premiered. While there are a number of funny and interesting things to take away from the first episode, what made the biggest impact on me was a seemingly simple question: What is your “Why?”

Linebacker Christian Kirksey, drafted in 2014, has stepped up as a leader during training camp and is finding ways to motivate his teammates. In a scene that stayed with me, he asked everyone in the room: “What is your why?”

He challenged them to write down the reason they practice, workout, play on a piece of paper and put it somewhere they will see every day to keep them motivated and remind them why they are doing what they do.

Which made me wonder: Why do Browns Fans stay by this team?

The most common answer I saw from the players was “FAMILY.” Parents, siblings, children, all their loved ones seemed to be the main reason these guys put themselves through the grueling lifestyle that NFL players live. Now, maybe some guys wrote down “MONEY” or “FAME” but they didn’t show that on TV and frankly, I’m not sure either of those things is worth the health risks of football!

When it comes to fandom, I know why I do it, why I am a complete fanatic when it comes to the Browns. But I wondered how many others have the same basic love of the game, of our city, of this team that I was raised with.

So, I took to twitter and ask the question.  Yes, there were a few “Stockholm Syndrome” and “Glutton for Punishment” answers, but by and large, the Browns fans who responded were all linked by two things: LOYALTY and FAMILY.














And perhaps the best answer of them all:

In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given; everything is earned.


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