Colts Ring of Honor Inductee Reggie Wayne

Julie Voigt, Indianapolis Colts Reporter

By Julie Voigt // @JulieNoted_NFL

March 2015.

News had traveled fast regarding the release of Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne.  And at that time, I had so many emotions. Knowing that he wanted to play for at least one more year, but didn’t want to see him play against us.

Something was just not right about this. Then, when the news broke that Reggie has signed on with the New England Patriots, more mixed emotions came upon me.

This was not right. I was happy when he didn’t continue with the Patriots, but something still didn’t feel right.  Colts Nation could never get that last chance to chant his name in “Reggie’s Corner.”

Until Sunday.

On Sunday, The Indianapolis Colts not only dominated the Tennessee Titans in a divisional matchup, but it was a memorable day for one of my favorite NFL players.

Reggie Wayne was inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor.

It was a star-studded event with appearances by his old teammates.  Quarterback Peyton Manning, WR Marvin Harrison, running back Edgerrin James, tight end Dallas Clark, and center Jeff Saturday, all came to honor one of Colts’ best.  

Reggie Wayne was drafted as the Colt’s 30th overall pick.  Wayne played 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts.  He was a six-time pro bowler. He is also the Colts second all-time leading receiver and has 82 career touchdowns.  Not to forget, he is also a Super Bowl Champion.

Reggie Wayne is going to be involved with the NFL for a long time, as he volunteered this past preseason as a wide receiver coach for the Colts.  I think in most Colts fans eyes, we can see him becoming a future coach and being very successful.

In an article from 2015, I had written “Reggie Wayne, I will give you the respect that you so deserve.  I can’t wish you luck, all I can say is good riddance. Whether we are cheering for you, or booing you, this fan will never let go.  Thanks for all that you gave us Colts fans.  As they say, you can take Reggie Wayne out of Indy, but you can’t take the Indy out of Reggie Wayne.  Don’t forget where you belong!”

And now he holds the City of Indianapolis in his heart, as his name will live on forever in the hearts of Colts Nation.

Congratulations, Reggie!! Next stop, Canton!!


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