Colts vs Chiefs is anyone’s game

Julie Voigt, Indianapolis Colts Reporter

By Julie Voigt //@JulieNoted_PFG

It was the second largest comeback in NFL history. 

Back in January 2014, the Indianapolis Colts recorded a major AFC Divisional win in Indianapolis against the Chiefs. A team that was trailing by 28 points early in the third quarter,  with a little “Luck”, the Colts claimed victory by a final score of 45-44 and a ticket to the AFC Championship in New England.

This season, these two teams are completely different. Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes is leading the AFC’s number one seed to the divisional round after a well-deserved bye week.  This has been their first number one finish since 1995. Andy Reid’s team finished the season 12-4 and 7-1 at home. The Chiefs also have the best offense in the league. With that being said, they also have one of the worse defensive lines.

But when it comes to the playoffs, Kansas City has lost 11 out of their last 12 appearances.  Four of those losses were against Indianapolis, and out of that, 2 were in Kansas City. And of course, that includes the 2014 win where Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck rightfully earned the nickname “The Comeback Kid”.

Indianapolis has won 10 games out of their last 11. Their 21-7  win last week in Houston showed that this team’s offense is complete.  Their run game is strong with running back Marlon Mack dominating.  The passing game was dynamic, with wide receiver T.Y Hilton making a home for himself in Houston. The offensive line, with a healthy Ryan Kelly back at center, can dominate.

Defensive end Denico Autry and linebacker Darius Leonard have been making some big-time plays. Add in special teams with kickers Rigoberto Sanchez and Adam Vinatieri, this Colts team has been the most complete team that fans have witnessed in quite a while.

This will be quite a match up against these two teams and I’m expecting a high scoring game. With the Chiefs lack of defense and the Colts record-breaking offensive line, this will most likely remind you of the high scoring game in 2014.

Defense wins championships, but when you throw in an elite QB, trouble is in sight.

Can history repeat itself, or will a new novel be written?

Playoffs. The best week of football is here. And between the Colts and Chiefs, it’s anyone’s game for the taking.


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