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By Julie Dixon @ABroncoNole

Another long day for teams. We saw linebackers, defensive ends, edge rushers, and defensive linemen.

Denver Broncos only met with one player, a safety from Colorado. I may have missed that yesterday. Denver met with LB Keith Kelsey, Louisiana Tech and DL Jaleel Johnson, Iowa. Hopefully this changes since John Elway said he wanted to keep the defense a focus. That means pumping in new blood.

Once again, I’ve included charts from Chase Kuntzsch, whom I owe big time. If you look, you’ll see more and more players not running or lifting or other events. The reasons vary from a player being sick or recovering from an injury, to wanting their Pro Day to be all scouts see.

If your 40 isn’t great, you may not want to run at the combine with faster guys. Plus, you have more control at your school. They go to the combine though because it’s where they have access to all 32 teams, not just the ones who show up at their school.

This is where larger schools, like FSU, have an advantage over a FAU. One has nine players to been seen, which means  a greater chance all teams come out, compared to one. If you’re a wide receiver from a small school, you may not have a single team want to go there. This means the larger schools, often have players skip certain measurements/drills.

I’m not going to focus on the top guys because Denver isn’t drafting them and/or there’s an abundant amount of media coverage over them.

Players I like for varying spots:

Hardy Nickerson, TJ Watt, Trey Hendrickson, Jayvon Brown, Tyus Bowser, Brooks Ellis, Alex Anzalone, Derek Rivers, Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, Chris Wormley, Duwuane Smoot, Larry Ogunjobi, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Jordan Willis, Zach Cunningham.

Some of these numbers aren’t nearly as important as others. It all depends on position. If you’re an edge rusher, your shuttle and cone numbers need to be at least white (average). What you run in the 40, isn’t nearly as vital as how you can move laterally.

If you’re on the line, you can’t have short arms.

I’m hoping today we find out Denver met with several of these defensive guys.

All stats courtesy: Chase Kuntzsch

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