Could a defensive player be the first pick in the Draft?

Lisa Johnson
Senior Sports Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

If you’re a person that believes defenses win championships, then this 2019 NFL draft is right up your alley.

This is one of the most top-heavy defensive drafts I’ve seen in quite a while. With the exception of Kyler Murray, who declared 2 weeks ago for the draft, several NFL mocks had eight of the top ten picks being defensive players. Now, how this all really turns out is anyone’s guess, but… it’s interesting.

A lot can happen before we hear the commissioner declare that the Arizona Cardinal’s are on the clock, and you’ll be hearing a lot of names before then, so let’s just start with the two popular names being heard around the league.

A name very familiar to me and many others, especially since this young man grew up 50 miles to the south of me, Nick Bosa- 6’3 270 lb defensive end out of Ohio State University. Bosa, who has been shown in many mocks to be the number 1 pick overall, is considered by many to more physical and quicker than his older brother Joey Bosa. Joey Bosa was taken by the Chargers with the 3rd pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

Many say, should the Cardinals take a hard pass on Kyler Murray, they will probably take Bosa with that first pick.

Another name I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see come off the board at that number 1 spot is Alabama’s Quinnen Williams the 6’4 303 lb DT out of Alabama. Talk about a man that can make a difference quickly.

After having a great first run during the 40, Williams decided to try and best it, which is exactly what he did. His 4.83 run is the 4th fastest by any 300+ pound player at the combine and beat the 40 time of Texans all pro DE J.J Watt.

Without question, you can make a case for either one of these men to go number 1 overall. I expect, as usual, to see many surprises come draft day. But I won’t be surprised to see a record number of defensive players come off the board between rounds 1 and 2.

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