Countdown to Chicago Bears: Preseason 2017

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By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Sitting on my bookshelf are two tickets. To some, it may mean nothing as regards to its value. Yet, the anticipation is killing me only for the sake of sitting in Section 251 in Soldier Field for the first preseason game in 2017.

Yes, the hype is for the first preseason game against the Denver Broncos! But why should I care? Does it matter what happens and who wins?

Well, to the Chicago Bears and their fans it does.

Last season was a nightmare. How could my beloved Bears finish a horrific 3-14? Simple, there was no life on that team. Somewhere along the practices and planning, the players and staff lost their passion. It was as if the entire team and organization forgot how to breathe.  But something is different going into the 2017 season.

The Bear’s top personnel and coaching staff took a long, hard look at what they needed to do to recover from last season’s death march. It had to start with leadership on the team. A decision was made to release Jay Cutler, which has been the mantra of many Bears fans and certain ESPN analysts for years.

So the deed was done and they brought in quarterback Mike Glennon from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a doubtful “impress me first” fan base.  Add a rookie quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky to the mix and we have a recipe for either disaster or “Hellooo Chicago!”

But it didn’t stop there. Even though many free agent players took the money and ran to other teams and away from the Bears, other players stepped forward. They looked at the Bears as a growing, hungry team with a huge chip on their shoulder.

With all the additions on offense and defense, it would be safe to say that the first preseason game against the Broncos on August 10th will be intensely watched.  All eyes will scrutinize the chemistry between Glennon and his receivers in the first half. It begs the question as to how will the offensive line hold to allow a steady flow of productive plays?

Also did the improvements to the offensive line enhance an explosive run game? Pro Bowler, Kyle Long is willing to play with a bad shoulder to be a part of a team he believes in.

OG, Kyle Long, #75, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Even defense believes they will come out fiery at the line and pressure the quarterback.  But can the backfield cause enough press coverage to steal the confidence of their division rivals?

The Bears have to believe only in themselves and the time they have invested in the idea of working as one unit. They must be all in, mentally and physically in order to compete in their own division. Though the preseason games seem like “garbage” games, to the players on that field fighting for a future in the NFL it is no joke.

For a team, such as the Bears looking for that diamond in the cave, they have to observe the player under real pressure.  It is the only way to determine if they have what it takes to help a team win, and the Bears need to win this season.  It’s now or never, do or die for the coaching staff and some players.

So whether you care about the preseason games or not, I say bring it on! No need to put starting players in harm’s way yet, but let the one’s fighting for a job leave it on the field. It’s what football is all about!

Bear Down Chicago Bears! We need the pride of Illinois to come back again.

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